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Ron Smorynski




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Christian creation calvinish conservative homeschool dad and author, Ron Smorynski has worn many hats in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. The latest iteration is understanding the growing phenomenon of role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons on youth and many adults. These games are drawing many into fellowship and community without church. Many Christians play these games thinking we need to get along to play and conform to the paganism that all of these portray. It isn't the goal of this creator to criticize these games as much as it is the goal to provide a fun, adventurous and Biblically adherent type role-playing game where Christians get to play missionaries in the Dark Ages and go on missions to villages and settlements to encounter, interact with, protect and save those willing to hear the message as well as have some fun battling dangerous beasts and barbarians who won't give up their oppressive ways. Ron is advocating the Christians, who like this sort of gaming, get involved and utilize a role-playing of fellowship, edification and Dark Ages adventures!

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