Robert Ahdoot

California Homeschool Convention

Bio: Robert Ahdoot began his teaching journey 13 years ago as a classroom math teacher. Throughout that time, his personal mission was to tune into every specific way to reach his students, to connect to them as learners and as people, and reverse any state of shutdown they experience. One mental note led to several, which led to a living and growing teacher playbook. Through years of dedication and focus on student connection, his classes became fun, lively, and positive beacons of learning for both him and his students.

Yet within so elevated a space, he and his students felt a restlessness. It was the dawn of the video era, and they knew that what they were stumbling upon something that could truly benefit others, if they could only experience it. So out came an impromptu camcorder perched atop a precarious stack of books, and the Yay Math movement was born. is a free online collection of math video lessons, filmed LIVE in Robert’s classroom, featuring authentic student interaction that’s inviting and emotionally connective. It has given life to now iconic, full costume math characters, like the “MathemaGyptian” and “MathemaChicken.” Since its inception, Yay Math videos are viewed at a staggering 2 million minutes per month.

Yay Math’s online proliferation has provided him the opportunity to give multiple TEDx talks on conquering math anxiety, speak at schools and conferences about how to permanently achieve inspired learning, and pen his debut book, One-on-One 101: The Art of Inspired and Effective Individual Instruction. It’s the complete guide to connecting to learners, and it has been adopted by multiple school administrations as a blueprint for cultivating transcendent student-teacher learning relationships.

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