Richard Cowdrey

Ohio Homeschool Convention

Bio: Whether it is one of the many New York Times bestselling books he has illustrated such as “Bad Dog, Marley”, “Frosty the Snowman”, The Guardian’s of Ga’Hoole”, “Fiona, The Hippo”, or artwork done for the National Football League, National Hockey League, American Kennel Club, Mead Papers, Ducks Unlimited, Focus on the Family, and many many more you are probably familiar with a number of the iconic images Richard Cowdrey has created.

Originally from Cincinnati Ohio, Richard graduated from Columbus College of Art & Design in 1981, and after a brief time at Hallmark Greeting Cards in Kansas City MO he went on is own and has since worked with an impressive list of clients. With the success of his publishing work Richard has added “Guest Speaker” to his resume, presenting at schools across the country, sharing his experience as a struggling student who was fortunately given a gift, the ability to draw and paint. That gift led not only to a successful career as an illustrator, but more importantly led to the giver of the gift. Richard believes that every child, every student, every adult has been gifted in some way and he encourages student and teacher alike to find and refine their gift……ultimately bringing joy and contentedness to the receiver of the gift, and honor to the giver of the gift!

Richard Cowdrey is well known for his beautifully detailed artwork using God’s creatures and creation as his favorite subject matter. Richard lives with his wife Cynthia in the heart of Ohio’s Amish community, where they raised four children and currently enjoy their seven grandchildren as well as one dog, Mosey, and two cats, Wilbur and Gracie. Through the years they have raised everything from dogs to cats, chickens to ducks, sheep to pigs, goats, bunnies, and lots and lots of fruit and veggies!



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