Renton Rathbun
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Renton has been a classroom teacher for over 22 years. His teaching experience has included both secular and Christian institutions ranging from high school to college. He and his wife homeschooled their son, Daniel who is now in college. Renton has spoken for Homeschool venues such as the Foundations Summit as well as other homeschool conferences. He has also preached in a variety of churches across the US. Renton holds a BS in English Education and an MA in interpretative speech from Bob Jones University. He has also received an MFA in creative writing from Minnesota State University, an MA in philosophy from the University of Toledo, a ThM from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, and has a PhD in apologetics from Westminster Theological Seminary. Renton is presently a Biblical Worldview Specialist for BJU Press (a shorter version of Renton's bio is available)


Renton Rathbun | Bob Jones University
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