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Regan Barr is an archaeologist, educator, published author and home school parent with unique experience in Classical Civilizations. He has excavated in Greece, Turkey, and Jordan and his graduate studies include New Testament, Classical Archaeology, Greek and Ancient History. He is co-founder of The Lukeion Project ( which brings expertly taught Classical studies to learners on six continents via live, the online classroom. Regan teaches Ancient Greek, Greek History, Word Roots, Grammar, Research Writing and more. His lesson plans have appeared on Regan has co-led ten Lukeion Family Classical Expeditions to Italy, Greece and Turkey.

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In a world where language skills are in decline, the ability to communicate clearly has become a valuable commodity. In college, business, or blogging, language mastery is the mark of an educated professional. Whether you’re looking to improve language skills, boost writing proficiency, or jump-start that second language, sentence diagramming is the powerful tool your visual learner needs. Learn how you can use diagramming to take your student to the next level.

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