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Nicole Henry




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Nicole has been actively involved in education for the past 25 years, when she stumbled into her first teaching job at a small inner city Christian school in Chicago, IL. She quickly realized that teaching and curriculum writing was an unexpected gift and calling that would define her life, and never looked back. Having children eventually took her out of the classroom and into the world of homeschooling, which she embraced hesitantly at first, but then wholeheartedly when the richness and freedom to cultivate the love of learning in her own kids around the kitchen table, on the couch, and outside in nature became clear. Over the years she has taught from kindergarten through twelfth grade across the curriculum - minus upper level math and science - in her own homeschool, in homeschool communities and co-ops, and in the full-time classroom, earning a Masters in Theology along the way. She has graduated three of her four children and is presently serving as the middle school Latin teacher at a classical school in Houston, TX, where her youngest daughter is a junior.