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Nephi Zufelt




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Nephi is a servant of Christ; Elizabeth’s devoted husband; Zoe, Ainsley, Keller, Melina, and Stratton’s homeschooling father; world traveler; and a wannabe church basketball star. In his free time from these important roles, he is the CEO of NexTek Innovations (a medical device incubator), entrepreneur, founder and president of Wealth Mentality Families, author of two best-selling books (Katie Bell and the Wishing Well; A story of Finding True Wealth and The Big Startup Guidebook for Kids), and keynote speaker. Nephi grew up in the beautiful landscape of Moab, Utah, and graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and later received a M.S. in Biomedical Engineering and MBA from the University of Tennessee. He spent ten years working his way into a senior leadership role in a major medical device manufacturing company only to turn around and leave it all for the uncertainty of startups and entrepreneurship so he could spend time doing what was most important to him – raising his family. Nephi still enjoys the process of innovation and creation in the world of medical devices but finds his true passion in teaching and helping families find their true purpose and create the life they desire. He teaches parents and youth how to avoid falling into the traps of worldliness and consumption while also pursuing true wealth in the correct way to be used in the service of others.

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