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Mollie Gregory Tower
Executive Producer and Senior Author
Mollie Tower is President of Mighty Music Publishing, LLC, a company dedicated to the musical education of young and old through the power of combining cutting-edge technology and masterpieces of music literature. She has worked with students at all levels, K - college, and holds a BS in Music Education and a Masters in Education Administration from the University of Texas in Austin. She taught music, K – 6, for nine years at Lee and Andrews elementary schools in Austin ISD. In 1977, she became the AISD Elementary Music Coordinator (K–6), and
was appointed to the position of AISD Choral and General Music Coordinator (K-12) in 1990. During her twenty-one years as a music coordinator for AISD, Mollie created and organized many district-wide programs, including the Music Memory Program. In 1980, at her father’s urging, she revived the Music Memory Program that has its origins in a program taught in the 1920’s. Music Memory quickly spread throughout the state of Texas through sponsorship by the University Scholastic League for Texas students in grades 2 - 8. Music Memory has also expanded to schools and community organizations around the nation. Teachers in 23 states now teach the Music Memory Program with students aged 7 - 99.
Mollie is the Senior Author/Executive Producer of the MUSIC MEMORY CURRICULUM, an annually produced, year long listening program that brings the richness of classical music to thousands of students throughout the country. She promotes the collaborative spirit and creative effort that goes into each and every MUSIC MEMORY product.
From 2006 - 2014, she taught in the School of Music at Texas State University-San Marcos, where she served as a Student Teacher Supervisor for Elementary Music student teachers, and taught Music Education classes to over 2000 future elementary classroom teachers.
Mollie has published many textbooks for all levels of students, K – college. Her publishers include Routledge Publishing in London, England, Macmillan/McGraw- Hill in NYC, and Glencoe/McGraw-Hill in NYC.

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