Melissa Amos
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Melissa was one of those children you could never send to her room because that’s

where all her books were. Her love of story led her to careers as a theatre director, bringing

Shakespeare and the arts into schools, and as an award-winning copywriter for film and


Melissa believes that every child is an explorer and every book is an adventure. Her wish to

encourage a love of reading in her own children inspired her to start a neighborhood book club.

Three years and many sticky lemonade floors later, she founded Crate Expectations, a book club

subscription box, to encourage other families to have reading adventures of their own. Voted a

top book box for kids, Crate Expectations combines author interviews and writing challenges

with STEM activities, discussion questions and snacks, to encourage creativity and connection

through books. You can join the adventure at

When she’s not reading, Melissa loves learning alongside her husband and two boys in sunny

California where she can be found exploring museums, farmers’ markets, hiking trails, and (of

course) bookstores.


Melissa Amos | Crate Expectations
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