Mary Fratianni

NY LEAH Special Needs Coordinator
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Mary Fratianni is the NYS LEAH Special Needs Coordinator,Director of Parents Instructing Challenged Children (PICC) LEAH Supports and Services, and a private outside educational consultant specializing in listening therapy intervention programs. She has been supporting families’ homeschooling children with special learning needs in NY State for twenty years through the PICC LEAH ministry.

Mary is a Certified Provider of The Listening Program® by Advanced Brain Technologies, Learning Ears Program® by Moyers Learning Systems, and The Movement Program© by The Movement Program, LTD educationally and neuro-developmentally based intervention programs. She is a provider of the Test of Auditory and Visual Skills® ,Test of Visual Perceptual Skills, and the Test of Visual Motor Skills. She provides testing services, educational support, therapeutic programs, consulting, encouragement, and insight as well as being the author and contributor of numerous special needs homeschool articles, podcasts, and workshops. Mary combines years of special needs homeschool educational and neurodevelopmental program experience with her passion to help families help their children reach their God given potential.

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