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Marie Sontag




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Marie Sontag enjoys bringing the past to life, one adventure at a time. Her B.A. in social science, and M.A. and Ph.D. in education provide her with a solid background to develop books and curriculum to help students connect historical fiction with real-life issues. Her workshops for teachers and homeschool parents relate teaching techniques to pull in even the most reluctant learners. Dr. Sontag has published middle grade and young adult historical fiction, and leads the organization, “Family-Friendly Fiction Writers.” This group connects writers with parents and students to provide quality fiction as well as face-to-face meetings between students and authors through writing workshops. Having lived in California for most of her life, Dr. Sontag now resides in Texas. In addition to writing and teaching, she spends the rest of her time playing dinosaurs, superheroes, and princess dress-up with her grandchildren.

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