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Mandy Krause is a conservation educator for the Welder Wildlife Foundation and manages the “Home on the Range” educator workshops and Rangelands: A Conservation Education Guide curriculum which help students and educators across the state understand the value of our wide-open spaces. With 13 years of experience conducting natural resource education programs, Mandy loves bringing her passion for wild places and wild things into her programs to help learners of all ages have meaningful and empowering experiences in nature.
Mandy received her Bachelors of Science in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University in College Station and has conducted research on gray wolves and their habitat in Montana, endangered birds and nesting behavior in the Texas Hill Country, soil health and water conservation in south Texas, and monitored avian populations and survivorship along the coast. In 2010, Mandy and her husband Travis started a regenerative ranching-based business in D’Hanis, Texas where they specialize in producing and direct marketing grass-fed beef and pasture-raised poultry, delivering on-farm education programs, and have partnered with many organizations to support the growth of regenerative agriculture practices across the state. Mandy earned a Permaculture Design Certificate that she incorporates not only into homestead and ranch design, but into creating effective outdoor learning environments. She is the chair of the James G. Teer Conservation Leadership Institute for the Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society and oversees the Wildlife Conservation Camp for high school students and Early Career Professional Program for young professionals in the natural resource field.
From her experiences as an educator, rancher, and biologist, Mandy effectively draws connections between healthy ecosystems, food production, economics and communities in her programs and deeply hopes to help others live well while protecting our natural world. Mandy is also a mother of 3 young boys and enjoys spending time with her family working on the ranch, playing in the garden, planting trees, looking for critters and enjoying the great outdoors.


Mandy Krause | Welder Wildlife Foundation
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