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As a child I loved anything having to do with science. My father worked for a branch of NASA and introduced me to the study of space and many engineering topics. While I loved those areas, I was particularly drawn to exploring things in the living world. A great thrill was receiving my own subscription to Ranger Rick magazine and the local Zoo News. I loved reading every page – but more than anything I wanted to DO science --to be a scientist.

For the past 30 years I taught Biology at Azusa Pacific University and had the opportunity to be part of the moments that capture a student’s love of science. BioBox Labs is the opportunity to do this on a grander scale – to pass on my love of Biology to the younger generation. The most incredible part about developing wonder about the living world is that it causes us to be curious about how it came to be - to develop interest in the true Creator. He is our greatest hope.

Over my years in the lab, as well as with our own 3 daughters, I have observed that kids with early exposure to engaging and authentic science experiments become inspired and successful students. My hope is that the activities, tools, and information found in our BioBoxes will unlock the intrigue and excitement of science and propel kids not only to a thriving future, but also to a deep faith in our creative God.


Lisa Sommers | BioBox LABS
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