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Over 20 years ago, Kris began her own homeschool journey when her oldest child was ready to "start school." For the next ten years, she enjoyed traveling the road of a homeschool mom of four...twists, turns, potholes and all. Then Kris decided it would be "fun" to invite a few friends to join her children for a literature study. She quickly learned that most parents struggle with teaching their children to write...and most children struggle with their parents' teaching of writing. It just seems like "It's never good enough for Mom." Similarly, Mom struggles to know "What should I expect from my child?" After all, there is no Answer Key to your child's writing. And so the journey began. Needless to say, one thing led to another, and more than ten years later, Kris's journey as a writing teacher continues as she works with teachers, parents, and students to discover just how fun great literature and writing can be.

Kris and her team of teachers have enjoyed working together as they discover effective ways to use literature as a springboard for teaching writing. Without doubt, one enhances the other. It just makes good sense to use great writing to teach great writing. These teachers find that when students read a great novel along with their classmates, they "experience" the novel through engaging class discussion, analytical writing projects, and creative enrichment opportunities. Kris says, "The books we study together are unforgettable."

In addition to teaching children, Kris loves mentoring other teachers and parents. Sadly, with so many curriculum options, parents become confused, overwhelmed, and exasperated. Kris's practical nature and no nonsense approach provides a breath of fresh air to parents and teachers, shrinking the mountain into a molehill. Her Adult Certification process provides a solid foundation for parents to begin teaching literary analysis and writing to their children.

Thankfully, Kris and her team of teachers offer classes online to a wide array of students and ages. In addition, they are available as tutors either in person or online through Zoom. They are committed to helping parents train up the next generation to think critically and communicate effectively.


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