Kelli Christenberry

Kelli Christenberry

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We are honored to have Kelli Christenberry participating in this year’s Charlotte Mason Institute track (sponsored by WORLD News Group).

Kelli has been involved in advocating home education for about 18 years and specifically in the Charlotte Mason Community for over 15 years. She facilitates the Charlotte Mason Study group in central Illinois, as well as directing or leading more than 10 online study groups in conjunction with the Charlotte Mason Institute. She is also on the Board of Directors for the Charlotte Mason Institute.

She enjoys studying and discussing those vitalizing ideas on education and life with others wanting to grow and learn more about how to implement a Charlotte Mason educational philosophy, and has a passion for sharing the beauty and breadth of ideas in a Mason educational approach with others through speaking, mentoring, consulting, training and supporting educators.

Through God’s abundant grace, Kelli’s children were home-educated through high school graduation. They all went on to finish university studies, two are in their first year of marriage with plans toward seminary, and the oldest is a graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. at University of Chicago.

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