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Why The College Funding Coach?
Katy joined the College Funding Coach because, in the course of serving her clients, she realized that having a strategic, informed plan for paying for college was often THE critical factor for her clients’ ability to accomplish their other financial goals—most importantly, their ability to retire at the time and in the lifestyle they envisioned.

Many families make the college decision emotionally. Katy advocates for making an informed college decision by bringing information and perspective to her clients. After all, college is a massive and complex financial decision.

On a personal note, faced with the prospect of paying for her three daughters’ college educations, Katy is a firm believer that college sticker prices are astonishing, can be heavily discounted, and should only be paid for out-of-pocket with the most efficient dollars possible.

Background: With over 20 years of experience in finance/accounting and consulting for Fortune 500 financial services companies, Katy has pivoted to build her practice on partnering with her clients as a champion for their financial success.

As a mom to three daughters and a career professional, Katy understands the importance of focusing time, energy, and resources because there just isn’t enough to go around! Katy is passionate about empowering her clients and giving them the leverage to focus on all the other things demanding their care and attention by providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing their financial house is in order.

Personal: Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Katy and her family migrated to Southern California at an early age. Katy grew up in SoCal and stayed in the area for undergrad and the first years of her career.

She moved to Michigan for grad school and spent a summer in Chicago before moving to New York City. It was there that she met her NYPD husband and gave birth to her three daughters: Alexa (10), Guinevere (7), and Colette (4). After 10 years in NYC, Katy and her family relocated to Huntington Beach, CA in 2018.

Katy has found that with three young kids and a husband with an unpredictable work schedule, true free time is a rare commodity. She carves out time for boot camp and spin a few times a week to preserve her mental health, enjoys hanging out with parents (preferably under EZ-ups) on soccer tournament and swim meet weekends, and loves cooking and hosting family and friends during the holidays.

B.S. in Business-Economics, Cum Laude, UCLA (with minors in Accounting and English Lit)
MBA, University of Michigan


Katy Chai | The College Funding Coach
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