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Kathleen Ouellette




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Kathleen Ouellette is a veteran homeschooling parent to six children, retired military spouse, and certified educator (Birth - Adult) with extensive experience in deaf education, regular education and early childhood. A student of brain-based learning, Kathleen is an advocate for teaching how the the brain is wired to learn. She is a huge proponent of experiential learning, application and project-based assessments using unit-based study approach. This is what excites her the most about the opportunities the metaverse offers for education. Interacting with what you are studying about, or immersing oneself in environments where application is essential for exploration, whether asynchronously or synchronously, enlightens students and helps them establish important and valuable insights. Kathleen spends most of her days teaching university instructors and parents how to incorporate the metaverse into their curriculum and teaching practices. "I want all students to appreciate why they are learning what they are learning. My ultimate goal is to help create lifelong learners who love to learn for life."

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