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Jessica Glasner




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Jessica Glasner is an author and screenwriter. In her timeless classic World War Two series, The Seabirds Trilogy, Jessica’s love for both story and research shine.
Chief Creative Officer of Hope House Press, Jessica earned a degree in History from Westmont College, summa cum laude, and an MA in Social Sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with Highest Honors. A novelist and optioned screenwriter, she has been compared to Michener and Wouk for a younger audience. She is the author of The Seabirds Trilogy, The Seabirds Trilogy World War II Companion Curriculum, and the Girl Reporter Series.
Homeschooled in the mountains of Malibu, she is a passionate educator and devoted to helping Christian parents and educators raise their children to follow God no matter the circumstances. Young and old alike agree that her lively characters, colorful settings, and smile-inducing vignettes display the goodness of God in the darkest moments of the past. Known for instilling hope, faith, and godly values through page-turning stories, inspiring tears and laughter, her books are those that are read over and over.

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