Jean Thomason | Miss PattyCake

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Jean Thomason is the live embodiment of the joyful children’s character, “Miss PattyCake.” The music and character of Miss PattyCake allow Jean to plant biblical truths, broken into musical toddler-size pieces, into little lives, while helping parents lay a spiritual foundation. As Miss PattyCake, Jean teaches Bible stories, praise, and early learning concepts through song. In her new book “Sharing God’s Big Love with Little Lives”, she speaks from this experience to parents and caregivers on how to better communicate with little ones about knowing, loving, and praising God. “This book will take you on a tour of parenting and teaching young children God, Jesus and the Bible,” says Jean. “It will help you in the great work of spiritual formation, which is the JOY of laying a biblical, spiritual foundation on which salvation and a life of faith can be built.”

Sunday night’s interview

Miss PattyCake Is a brightly costumed character with a program designed to plant biblical truths, broken into musical child-size pieces, into little lives. She teaches Bible verses and stories, praise songs, games and activities that are biblically based. Miss PattyCake exists to share God’s BIG LOVE with little lives, and help parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers teach God’s Word through music, stories, scripture, and FUN. For the past 24+ years, I (Jean) have been saying “YES to the DRESS”, traveling, singing to families, and teaching little ones about God’s BIG LOVE!


Testimony: “Last Saturday was just amazing! So many little hearts were touched. One little girl came with her Grandmother. She did not want to come, and wasn’t excited at all about coming to a church. By the middle of your show, she was up, dancing, and singing! She told her grandmother she loved it. How cool is that! I’m sure you have many testimonies but I wanted to share that with you. THANK YOU for saying yes to the Lord, and laying your life down for His little ones. Also, thank you for being willing to share your gift with our church.” 

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