Heather Gross and Carolyn Sigg

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Heather loves to be curled up with a book, whether it be alone or with one or more of her kids for a read aloud. As a former classroom teacher, she now enjoys the privilege of learning at home with her own four children, who range in age from nine and up to sixteen. Her family has immensely enjoyed homeschooling with their friends in a Classical Conversations Community for the past 12 years where she has faithfully served in several different leadership roles. Heather loves Jesus, traveling with her husband and kids, chocolate, coffee, and tacos.

Sixteen years ago, Carolyn left her public accounting career in order to join the ranks of stay-at-home mamas and she has never looked back! Happily married for 20 years, Carolyn thrives on books and community, which is why Classical Conversations has been a fantastic fit for her and her three children, ages 13-16. While she has served in multiple roles in Classical Conversations over the last 11 years, her favorite is her current role as a Director in the high school Challenge program. She loves discipling their hearts and seeing students grow through the accountability, rich discussion, subject integration, and engaging projects that Classical Conversations provides. When she isn't homeschooling, Carolyn devotes her time to Bible study, global missions, and gospel-centered life plan coaching.


Heather Gross and Carolyn Sigg | Classical Conversations
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