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Giant Cow Children's Ministries offers an optional kids’ event at each of our conventions.

Giant Cow creates engaging, high-quality kids programs for Christian Conventions, Summer Camps and Local Church Event across North America. Founded in 1999 to serve the needs of statewide homeschool events, Giant Cow has ministered to thousands of kids at hundreds of events in the United States, Canada, Guatemala, and India.
Directed by Stephen Leckenby, Giant Cow's laser focus is to have ongoing impact for the Kingdom of God in the lives of children. So what is the MISSION of the GIANT COW? Their slogan, although meant to include a bit of humor, truly communicates what it is that they want to accomplish: Bring the Milk and the Meat of God's Word to Kids. In addition, GIANT COW is building a network of children's ministers with the goal of partnering with the local church to provide exceptional children's ministry events in local communities and to provide all the promotional and follow-up tools to maximize the ministry potential of such events.