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Erick Goss



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Erick Goss is CEO and co-founder of Minno, a streaming platform for Christian families. He is also a father of three homeschooled daughters, and has a passion for helping families experience the Gospel through technology and media.

Originally from Kentucky, Erick graduated with honors from the Naval Academy. He served first as a helicopter pilot and then as a spokesperson for the Navy Office of Information at the Pentagon. After completing his MBA at the University of Michigan, Erick joined Amazon, shortly after the company went public in 2000. During his seven-year tenure, Erick led the creation of Amazon’s first ebook business and oversaw North American book buying. Goss left Amazon and moved to Nashville in 2006. He and his wife Lisa have helped to plant churches in both Seattle and Nashville.

Minno is a kids media company that helps families experience the awesome love of Jesus through thoughtful, trustworthy, and joy-filled content. Minno creates stories and experiences that open doors to spiritual conversations between parents and kids. The Minno app contains more than 2,600 episodes of 125 shows, including original "5 Minute Family Devotionals." Minno’s parent resources offer expert-written blogs, Life Guides on key topics, and activity downloads. Minno Kids Publishing also offers the fastest-selling, Christian Book Award-winning children's Bible, the “Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids.”