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Dr. Lyle Lee Jenkins




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Dr. Lyle Lee Jenkins is an author, speaker, consultant and a recognized expert in improving educational outcomes. The author of How to Create a Perfect Home School, How to Create a Perfect School, How to Create Math Experts Collection, How to Create Language Experts with Literary Terms, Aesop Patters for Young Readers Collection and 15 other books, Lee has spent the last 50 years learning from world-class experts while working as a teacher, principal, school superintendent and university professor. Lee’s speaking career has taken him across the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada, and he has taught online courses to educators from more than 25 countries. His mission is that every child around the world would have an educational experience that promotes and encourages the intrinsic love of learning that he/she was born with, while exceeding educational goals.

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