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Dr. Kathy Koch (cook) is the Founder and President of Celebrate Kids, Inc., based in Fort Worth, TX, and a cofounder of Ignite the Family, based in Alpharetta, GA. She has influenced thousands of parents, teachers, and children in 30 countries through keynote messages, seminars, chapels, and other events. She is proud to be represented by the Ambassador Speakers Bureau of Nashville, TN. She is a featured speaker for the Great Homeschool Conventions and a regular presenter for Care Net, Summit Ministries, Axis, and other organizations. She speaks regularly at schools, churches, and pregnancy resource centers.

She is also a popular guest on Focus on the Family radio and other radio talk-shows. Because of listeners’ reactions and feedback, her broadcasts about the 8 great smarts made the top ten shows of the year on Focus on the Family in both 2014 and 2016. Kirk Cameron chose her as the technology expert to interview in his 2018 movie, Connect: Real Help for Parenting Kids in a Social Media World. She has authored six books including Screens and Teens, 8 Great Smarts, and Start with the Heart: How to Motivate Your Kids to Be Compassionate, Responsible, and Brave (even when you’re not around).

Dr. Kathy’s practical, relevant, and results-oriented concepts and engaging, honoring, and humorous speaking style draw enthusiastic raves from children, teens, parents, and educators. They leave her events armed with new beliefs, attitudes, practical tools, and increased hope to build healthy relationships and increase success in family, life, and school.

Dr. Kathy earned a Ph.D. in reading and educational psychology from Purdue University. She was a tenured associate professor of education at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, a teacher of second graders, a middle school coach, and a school board member before becoming a full-time conference and keynote speaker in 1991. She has loved Jesus for years and her faith and desire to serve and glorify God is the foundation of her ministry.

Online Convention Workshops

The ways we compliment and correct contribute to either a culture of effort and joy or apathy and fear. How to compliment and correct well, and not criticize, will be explained and modeled. Examples and stories will make the ideas come alive.

Children’s thoughts and feelings are always important. In times of confusion and crisis like we’re going through, they matter even more. How do we make it more likely that our children will come to us with their questions and feelings? Dr. Kathy will share ideas for how to respond to help your children feel heard and safe, and provide some ideas to help you and your children navigate uncertain times.

Resiliency, bouncing back quickly from difficulties, starts as a choice. It can become a part of who we are. It must! Dr. Kathy will explain the many benefits of resiliency. You’ll be highly motivated to parent so your children become more resilient. The suggestions will work and you will be able to create an environment that makes resiliency more likely. We and our children must recover from trauma and stress.

Understand how technology is influencing children’s beliefs and behaviors (and ours). Discover how technology is the root of some of your biggest concerns (e.g., your children’s complaining, expectations, inability to know what to do after high school). Learn practical things to do to help children mature even as they keep using technology. You’ll find hope in this message.

All children have eight intelligences that can be used when learning. Each one will be defined and illustrated. Learn how to help your children learn with all 8 and how they are relevant to academic success, spiritual growth, obedience, and career choice. Stop asking, “How smart is my child?” and ask “How is my child smart?”

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Identity – how children define themselves – is extremely important. It controls behavior. Learn other reasons it matters and how it influences children’s academics, relationships, future, hopes, and so much more. Learn how to parent so children will have a healthy identity and believe the most important identities of all.

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