Douglas Gresham

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Meet Douglas Gresham, stepson of C.S. Lewis, at the GHC regional homeschooling convention in Cincinnati, Ohio and Fort Worth, Texas! (A Meet-N-Greet for autographs and/or pictures will follow Douglas Gresham’s very special presentation on Saturday in both Cincinnati and Fort Worth.)

Douglas Gresham is an accomplished author and actor, and is also an outspoken advocate for homeschooling. It is truly an honor that he is speaking at our regional Great Homeschool Conventions in both Ohio and Texas.

Douglas Gresham was born in New York City, the son of writers William Lindsay Gresham and Joy Davidman. William Gresham was the author of Nightmare Alley, the classic of American noir literature, while Joy Davidman was best known for her book Smoke on the Mountain, about the Ten Commandments. The couple were divorced in 1954, and Joy moved to England with her two sons.[2]

Gresham’s mother had become friends with C. S. Lewis through correspondence, and the friendship blossomed, eventually leading to marriage in 1956. Gresham’s mother died of cancer in 1960, and Lewis continued to raise Douglas and his elder brother David. (Lewis had adopted the boys when he married, and The Horse and His Boy is dedicated to them both).

Gresham hosted Focus on the Family‘s radio adaptations of his stepfather’s most famous works, and his interest in media versions thereof was later shown again when he was named co-producer for the series of theatrical films adaptations of The Chronicles of Narnia; he also made a cameo in the first installment as a radio newscaster, the second as a “Telmarine crier” and the third as a slaver.

You’ll not want to miss this very special opportunity to hear Mr. Gresham speak, and then to meet him afterwards, at either our regional GHC homeschooling convention in Fort Worth, Texas or at our regional GHC homeschool convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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