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Don and Renita Miller




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We have homeschooled over 20 years, and are currently homeschooling the last 3 of our 16 children. Renita and I have taught over 10,000 children face-to-face through our different platforms. We have taught all grade levels K-12 and, between us, all subjects. Don used to work with the Vice President of Apple Computers, designing what was billed as the most advanced science education in the world. In addition to leading numerous Homeschool groups, Renita was a curriculum reviewer for the magazine Old Schoolhouse for 12 years. We created the K-12 Science website, Crosswiredscience.com, where we minister to over 5000 families nationwide. We passionately love homeschooling and love homeschool families and want to do all in our power to help homeschoolers everywhere with the Lord guiding and helping us.