Deidre Hester

Florida Homeschool Convention

Voice I of the “Two Voices” is Deidre Hester who holds Professional Certification as a secondary English teacher and guidance counselor with the Florida Association of Christian Colleges & Schools (FACCS). She began her teaching career in 1985, and has taught in NC, VA, and TX. Mrs. Hester founded the first Christian School in Yokosuka, Japan, while her husband was stationed there in the United States Navy. Currently she is active in the food, clothing, and discipleship ministries at the Potter’s House International Ministries in Jacksonville, FL, and serves as Guidance Counselor with their Christian Academy.

Title of speaking session: “Investing in Eternity” – A Home School Parent’s Job Description
Description of Session: : Open-ended discussion with and by participants on various topics related to home schooling. Challenges/successes . . . Looking back to look forward . . . Getting away to avoid running away . . . Too many hats just leads to a headache . . . What your diary would reveal, Sept – May . . . and most importantly, God might have led you to homeschooling and there was a reason for it. Hopefully, participants will leave the session realizing that they are “all in this together,” and that what they are doing with and for their children will impact them for life.

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