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Deborah Rowley




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Deborah Rowley is the founder of Wisdom of Wisdom Inc and co-education director for the Roots of Humanity Foundation (ROH). Her previous experience includes teaching at four different schools: an at-risk high school, a Title 1 Middle School, a K-12 charter school and a K-12 private school. Deborah homeschooled her own children for several years. The last few years she has been focused on the power and potential of distance education and has taught students remotely using prerecorded videos, Zoom rooms, and live streams. Deborah is the author of twelve published books. These books include parenting idea books, children's picture books and educational workbooks and planners. She is currently working on writing a six-volume textbook series based on Roots of Knowledge for students in 3rd through 8th grades. See workshop information below to learn more about Roots of Knowledge. Or visit Roots of Humanity.org and Windows of Wisdom.com.

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