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Danielle Callier




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Serving as the Director of Marketing of NCFCA, Danielle Callier supports outreach to parents and families about Christian Speech & Debate curriculum and the NCFCA's national events. Targeting info to students at every level and skill, NCFCA provides parents with tools that are easily woven into existing homeschool curriculum with supplementary Club meetings and practice tournaments. Passionate about connection, Danielle serves as a promotional liaison for the program with a unique and tailored journey for families, homeschool groups, and even Christian schools interested in NCFCA.

She earned her BS in Advertising Communications and her MA in Leadership Development, focusing on Ministry and International Cultural Systems. Prior to NCFCA, she was Director of Guest Experience for The King's College and is passionate about building, planning, and shaping fun, community experiences in the city.

In her free time, she also hosts a yearly walking tour called the NYC Cookie Crawl and welcomes all chocolate chip cookie selections. She resides in Brooklyn with two pet birds.

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