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Chuck Black




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Chuck Black, a former F-16 fighter pilot and tactical combat communications engineer, is the author of twenty novels, including the popular Kingdom Series, The Knights of Arrethtrae series, the Wars of the Realm series, The Starlore Legacy series, and Call to Arms: The Guts and Glory of Courageous Fatherhood. Kingdom’s Dawn of The Kingdom Series received Homeschool.com’s “Voted #1” award and was on CBA’s top ten best sellers list twice in 2008 for all Christian Youth Literature. His heart is to equip and encourage families in their pursuit of Christ, and he seeks to do so through his allegorical and Scripture-based novels, his seminars, and his published articles.
Chuck has served as an Elder at Cornerstone First Baptist Church in Williston, ND and has taught adult Sunday school classes for the past nineteen years, including frequent class sessions on parenting. In addition to speaking at homeschool and Christian conferences all across the United States and Canada, he has written columns for the Teach Them Diligently Convention and the North Dakota State Homeschool Association. Chuck has also been published in LifeWay’s Home Life Magazine, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Walk Thru the Bible’s Stand Strong Magazine, and on various websites and e-newsletters. He is also an entrepreneur with sixteen patents and is currently the president and general manager for FlowCore Systems, a chemical injection automation company in the oil and gas industry.
Chuck is a believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and in the Holy-Spirit-inspired, infallible Word of God. He is devoted to his wife, Andrea, and their six children and multiple grandchildren. Chuck and Andrea homeschooled their six children for twenty-four years; all six have graduated from college with five that have married. Chuck’s passion is to inspire people of all ages to follow the Lord with zeal and to equip parents, pastors, and youth leaders to accomplish the same.

The story behind The Kingdom Series:
I will never forget a family devotion when I opened the Bible and began to read a passage to my six children about one of the many miracles that Jesus performed. Now, I get excited reading about Jesus doing anything, but I was nearly twenty-seven years old when I finally “got it.” It’s not that the children rolled their eyes or moaned at hearing a story they had heard sixteen times before, but the glossy eyes and the staring at the ceiling to discover new patterns in the texture were a dead give-away. Naturally, I paused and gathered myself up for a gentle dissertation on “getting it.” After explaining the significance of redemption to a sin-sick soul, I was rewarded with the patronizing elephant nod and more blank stares. Shortly thereafter, I awoke in the middle of the night. A medieval story of a Prince
from a distant land sent by his father the King to save the people from the clutches of the Dark Knight so enveloped my mind that I could not rest until I arose and wrote for several hours.
At our next family devotion, I read the story to the children and watched their waning attention transform into complete and total anticipation. From the youngest to the oldest, they literally craved each sentence as the parable of Jesus unfolded. Their response amazed me, and yet I was honestly quite disappointed. Why did it take a fictional story to get the response from my children I was searching for that should have happened from reading Scripture? Then I realized something superbly significant…that is how Jesus taught! He told fictional stories with deep spiritual meaning. Some were so deep that the people never understood them, but you can bet they listened. Parables are powerful! Because of this event, I penned The Kingdom Series to help our children see the supremely significant story of Jesus Christ and his mission to save mankind.

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