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Chris Cardiff




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Chris and Monica Cardiff homeschooled their three daughters all the way through high school. Their daughters graduated with honors from major universities (UCSD, UCLA, and Virginia Tech) with STEM degrees. Together, Chris and Monica founded the largest homeschooling support group in Silicon Valley, All Ways Learning, where they served for over ten years. Chris also served as the founding president of the California Homeschool Network, a statewide homeschooling organization whose mission is to protect the fundamental right of parents to educate their children in the manner they deem appropriate without interference by federal, state, or local agencies. He has written several articles about homeschooling and education. Chris and Monica started the American Heritage Education Project to help the next generation of homeschooling parents (and grandparents!) teach and share their values with their children. They were inspired by their own children and grandchildren who are co-developing and alpha testing all the AHEP material — and having a great time doing it! Chris and Monica also serve their local church, Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church, as Elder and Deacon.

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