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Bio: Candice hosts the vibrant YouTube channel Homeschool on the Hill, devoted solely to homeschooling. Since its inception in Feb. 2016, Candice has created 160 videos and amassed over 6000 loyal subscribers. Each video details a facet of homeschooling her three boys and is delivered in Candice’s soothing yet upbeat tone. An obvious favorite with YouTube watchers and Google searchers, Candice's monthly homeschool updates, "What We're Reading" videos, and curricula reviews provide homeschool families with genuine encouragement and valuable information to assist them in their own homeschooling journeys. Workshops by Candice Kelly:

Teaching Multiple Ages: How to Spin the Plates without Shortchanging Any of Your Children

The secret to homeschooling multiple ages is two-fold. First you need to know which children you can group together for particular subjects and what academic areas are best done independently. Secondly you need routines that give your children (and you!) boundaries for the flow of your homeschool. Come hear a mom of three boys explain how she teaches multiple levels with minimum fuss and maximum family bonding!

Homeschooling Without Busy Work: Maximizing Your Homeschool Hours

Q: How much time does it really take to homeschool each day?

A: Probably much less than you expect!

When you cut out the busy work and focus on the most meaningful learning experiences, your homeschool day not only becomes shorter, but it also becomes more enjoyable! Learn how to shave hours from your school week while ensuring academic excellence.

Online Convention Workshops

Learn the money- and time-saving benefits of homeschooling multiple children with the same curriculum in this session by Candice, a mom to three boys. She outlines the things you need to consider like age, ability level, and the subject when deciding what to combine and what to teach one-by-one.

After attempting to replicate public school at home with loads of workbooks and tests, Candice discovered there is a better way to homeschool! When she ditched the textbooks and shifted to a living books approach, she found her homeschool was transformed! Teaching was easier for her and far more enjoyable for the entire family.

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