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Breanna Bellino




Special Tracks


Faced with another year of teaching art classes, artist and teacher Breanna Bellino sought to try something truly unique. As she thought about the prospect of teaching a classroom full of young, boisterous, budding artists, she figured that she could really use a teacher’s assistant. But whom could she trust and rely upon, with whom could she share teaching responsibilities and perspectives, day in and day out? Okay, are you ready for the answer? Herself! That's right! Breanna decided that she could be her own teaching assistant by creating video tutorials for the students to watch while she could walk the room, aiding her students individually! These are her videos now available to you as a tutorial series. In the Creating With Our Creator art tutorial series, Breanna brings a unique perspective on art, one that reinvigorates the arts with Christian spirituality and scriptural meditations. Creating With Our Creator includes various scriptural meditations themed on the Genesis creation account. This tutorial series will help you or your students bring back Christian contemplative and meditational practices with scripturally themed content into your art projects. Creating With Our Creator tutorial series includes a unique artistic perspective paralleling the Genesis account of the creation of light out of darkness. Led by the Genesis account, Breanna’s unique perspective aids students’ artistic intuitiveness, and overall success in artistic creation. Her unique perspective will help students get in touch with their innate creative ability, even if they don’t think of themselves as artistic. Creating With Our Creator tutorials are equally meaningful and instructive to the classroom of students as to the individual art student, of any age. So, if you are an art teacher, an art student, involved in a homeschool co-op, -- or-- Involved in a senior center, then Creating With Our Creator Art Tutorials are for you!

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