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Betsy Joy Wilcox




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Betsy Joy’s passion for education started in a traditional classroom setting where she spent five years teaching middle school English and History, also previously holding the position of Virginia Regional Director of VMSA (VA Middle School Association). She is now 6 years into being an Advisor with Bridgeway Academy where she helps every child and parent-educator succeed at homeschooling. As a mother of two little ones with a husband who is also a Bridgeway Academy Advisor, Betsy Joy is constantly mixing work and play; always using education in the home. They make it a point to put literary emphasis on everything they do and have already completed homeschooling preschool with their children. Her love for kids involves more than just education like math and history, she is also a doula (birth/life coach) where she helps soon-to-be mothers prepare for their children. The Wilcox family motto - “there’s a book for everything”, as they spend a lot of family time reading books and at the library.

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