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Benjamin Myers




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Benjamin Myers, a father of seven, is passionate about helping fathers lead their families to know God and His Word. He and his wife are founders of Inner-City Movement/Theatre 7000 located in Upper Darby, PA. There they combine this passion for discipleship with the arts and have created a unique, immersive space where families participate in dramatizing the Scriptures. They have created the world's first 360˚ projection dome for live theatre, with moving seats, wind, mist, bubbles, and flying actors. They also produce professional-level productions that feature the families as an outreach to the Greater Philadelphia region. Ben is dedicated to creating tools and experiences that help equip dads and moms to raise their children in the Lord such as ActorsBible, an online scripted version of the entire Bible that gives everything needed to role-play the scriptures including a teleprompted script, audio dramas, 360˚ visuals of the Holy Lands, songs with Karaoke, and much more.

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