Attorney Tom Culpepper, Esq.

Attorney Tom Culpepper, Esq.

Ohio Homeschool Convention

Let me tell you about myself by answering three questions.

  1. Why did I create Culpepper Law?
  2. Why do I focus on legal planning for parents with minor children?
  3. What do in my spare time?

Culpepper Law

I created Culpepper to give Christian lawyers a place to work, where they would be encouraged to work on legal issues important to Christians: 1) defending the sanctity of life, 2) defending the sanctity of marriage, and 3) defending religious liberty, like the right to witness for Christ, loving oppose lifestyles contrary to biblical teaching, and educating your children according to your Faith.  Many Christian attorneys are discouraged or would be fired by their firm if they took such cases.  My vision is to create law firms around the county full of Christian attorneys, who could give legal counsel and defend Christians and the Church.

Legal Planning for Parents

As a father of three, it is really important that my children follow Christ.  But while in law school taking a class, Will and Trusts, I thought about what would happen to my children (9, 7, and 2 at the time) if something happen to my wife and I.  Would they be raised to follow Jesus?  I realized that I and all parents need legal planning to ensure this happens.  With this passion, I decided to focus my practice on planning for parents, like me, who this was important for.

Spare Time

When I’m not practicing law, I spend my time with my most valuable assets: my wife Wendi, and my three children Abigail, Grace, and Joshua. I also volunteer as a domestic helper performing tasks from helping teenagers learn to drive to washing dishes and cleaning house to ensuring small boys make their beds and pick up their dirty clothes.

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