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Amanda Kleist


Amanda Kleist



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Amanda Kleist believes that children are created wonderfully to reflect the glory of God. Whilst they are not 'perfect' cherubs, they are to be nurtured in mind, body, and soul. The most natural way of nurturing children is with the classical tools of learning anything which are focused on a Christ-centered worldview. Amanda also believes that parents can redeem their own education by educating their children in ways that promote truth, goodness, and beauty. Amanda has graduated both of her children using Classical Conversations. Her oldest graduated from Biola University, Torrey Honors Academy, and works for a public policy firm in Washington D.C. Her youngest did Classical Conversations from 4 years of age to Challenge IV and will start Biola fall of 2023. Amanda is privileged to serve all of California for Classical Conversations leaders as families as parents and directors work to "Know God and Make Him Known."
Title: Experience the Classical Education Model (while learning about Renaissance History)

Description: Experience Classical Education in action! We will model and practice the three arts of the trivium: grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric. Using the Renaissance History as a springboard, this interactive session will demonstrate how learning progresses throughout a student’s life.

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