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Alyssa Seed




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Alyssa Seed is the Founder and Executive Director of Eternity Changers, a ministry dedicated to creating at-home resources that help parents empower their kids with the confidence to talk about Jesus. In addition to her important work with Eternity Changers, she and her husband homeschool their first and third graders. Alyssa is not only committed to personally nurturing their academic growth, but also their spiritual development. Her calling is to help raise up a generation of kids who believe deeply in Jesus, speak boldly about Him and repeat this for all the days of their lives. She has a Bachelor Degree in Child Development as well as a Seminary Master Degree in Christian Ministries. Alyssa has been an evangelism ministry missionary for thirteen years; and a children's ministry leader in her home church for fifteen years. She loves to do art and cooking projects with her kids and to intentionally spend time hanging out with other moms.

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