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N.D. Wilson is the husband of one, the father of five, and the best-selling author of eleven novels, with one more forthcoming. His nonfiction book Death by Living won top honors in Christianity Today’s 2014 Book Awards in the spirituality category. He and his work have been featured everywhere from The Atlantic Monthly and NPR to the TODAY Show and Nat Geo. He is also a filmmaker, producer, and screenwriter, most recently writing and directing the YA drama, The River Thief, which released in 2016, and the groundbreaking nature documentary, The Riot and the Dance: Earth, which released in 2018. The Riot and the Dance: Water is expected to release in 2019

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In this session listen the children of Doug Wilson who were the Classical Homeschool Lab Rats.

Logic is fundamental, but it is powerless without rhetoric: written and verbal communication constructed to potently prove, persuade, and move our fellow humans. Training students to reason soundly and to write and speak compellingly is to empower them with potent sanity in this crazy age they are going to inherit.

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