Scott T. Whitaker

Director of New Initiatives
Appearing at
Classical Homeschooling


For Classical Conversations, Mr. Scott T. Whitaker is Director of New Initiatives. He leads Classical Conversations Plus, the program which provides concurrent college credits for Challenge® work, Homeschool Testing Services, Homeschool Counselor, and other academic services. He currently is developing additional innovative services with several partner organizations to support all homeschooling communities and families. Mr. Whitaker in the past served as a Support Representative and Area Representative in Chicago prior to relocating to the home office in North Carolina.

His wife Jennifer is currently a Challenge® II Licensed Director and previously held roles as Foundations® & Essentials® Licensed Director and Essentials® Tutor. Their family includes three remarkable children, Eleanor, Liliana and Nathaniel, who each have only known homeschooling through Classical Conversations Communities.

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