Attorney Judy Sarden

Corporate Attorney and Entrepreneur

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Judy Sarden has been a corporate attorney and entrepreneur for over twenty years. After feeling the need to home educate her children, Judy left her corporate legal job and began working for herself at home as a contract attorney, business advisor, writer, and career coach. She is passionate about helping families develop an entrepreneurial spirit and teaching kids to think entrepreneurially. An avid supporter of home education, Judy encourages all families—and especially African American families—to consider educating their children at home. Recognizing that many families need two incomes, Judy works with parents to help them discover how best to use their talents to generate income.

Judy is a wife and mother of 2, who have been homeschooled since the oldest began kindergarten. Currently beginning her 5th year of homeschooling, she has changed homeschool styles and curriculum several times, but after a couple of years, has discovered what works best for her family and loves the adventure. Judy enjoys running, traveling, reading, and photography. She and her daughter have recently started learning to sew together.

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