The Real Mom Tour

For Moms Only

Full Convention Registration and Ticket Needed to Attend

You’re Better at This Than You Think

Maybe you’re new to this homeschooling thing — overwhelmed by all the decisions you have to make. After all, you’re not sure you’re cut out for this.

Or maybe you’ve been around the block a time or two and you’re feeling a little burned out. All the years of keeping up are starting to wear you down.

You are not alone.

We created the Real Mom Tour just for you. Join us for a night of real encouragement (and maybe some comic relief) as we kick back and dive deep into the things you need to hear most.

Be encouraged as we chat about:

  • Finding contentment in the age of homeschool social media (or how to be happy staying in your lane).
  • How you can fall more in love with homeschooling right now, without adding more to your to-do list or somehow becoming a supermom.
  • Meeting your kids where they are and enjoying them -- without sacrificing their education in the process.

Plus snacks, games (nothing weird -- pinky promise!), and a ton of surprises only Colleen, Sarah, and Pam could dream up.

This ain’t your mama’s convention event. Join us!

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