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We all want hands-on art in our homeschool curriculums, but it often gets pushed aside because of subjects we deem as more important. But what if creating is not something that is just an option but a need. What if children actually learn and remember more when they create! Come explore creativity with us as we look at it from a Biblical perspective. As children of the Master Designer, we'll find out that creating isn't just an option but something that is ingrained in each of us. Along the way we'll help you make creativity a reality in your homeschool and help you make it easy.

Penny Mayes is the creator and owner of Take Time for Art, a hands-on art history curriculum that integrates hands-on art with history. She is a professional art teacher, a professional educator, and a veteran homeschool mom of 20 years. Her passion is integrating hands-on art projects with art history and history unit studies. She is a wife, a mother of three adult children, and a grandmother. Penny holds a BFA in fine arts and Masters degree in education. You can contact her at

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