Lauren Stengele

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In this session we will look at the difference between bilingual and biliterate, and how that plays into our homeschooling goals. We will talk about the challenges of homeschooling in more than one language, and discuss best practices for implementing a bilingual homeschool. You will walk away with ideas for how to organize and resource your homeschool to foster bilingualism and biliteracy in your minority language.

A young child’s brain is a unique and un-recreatable thing. Between birth and five years old is when we learn our first language fast, fluently, and effortlessly. In this session you will learn why the Birth to Five Window is a critical time for minority language development. We’ll discuss common myths surrounding introducing two or more languages in babies and young children, and you will learn creative ways to capitalize on this sensitive period whether you are a native speaker, non-native speaker, or English-only speaker.

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