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John De Gree is the founder of The Classical Historian. Originally from California, he studied history and language and worked and lived in Turkey, Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia for five years. Working in private, public, and homeschool education for over twenty years, he saw the great lack of critical and independent thinking in history education.

He founded the Classical Historian to promote the best that is offered in the great tradition of Western education: honesty, virtue, patience, logical analysis of evidence and conclusions, and belief in the truth. John De Gree teaches that the American experiment of self-government under law is a result of its Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman heritage.

John and his wife Zdenka have been married for 23 years and they raise and home school their seven children in San Clemente, California.

Online Convention Workshops

John De Gree demystifies the concept and practice of leading the Socratic Discussion in history in this informative, philosophical, and practical talk. By following the five steps De Gree introduces, leading the Socratic discussion in history is something every caring teacher can do. Did you hate history learning it in school and want your children to love it (and do you want to fall in love with history, too)? Join John De Gree for this talk. John De Gree of The Classical Historian and his wife of 28 years are raising 7 children and have been home schooling for over 17 years.

This informative, fun and practical workshop (participants will play games!) will give the home school teacher many easy-to-use and free games to teach all subjects, including leadership skills for students of all ages. These games are efficient, time-saving, and kids love them! Learn how to teach history and the Constitution with games. John De Gree will show you how to use games to teach Christian behavior towards parents, siblings, and with others. John De Gree of The Classical Historian and his wife of 28 years are raising 7 children and have been home schooling for over 17 years.

From Aristotle to Progressivism and back to Classical, John De Gree presents an overview of the history of education in the Western World. This talks helps the educator understand the various educational philosophies, their proponents, and makes clear why so many Americans choose to home school. This whirlwind tour of the educational scene takes listeners from the ancient Greeks with Aristotle, to the early Medieval Ages, then to Aquinas, Medieval Classical Education, the Pilgrims, Absolutism, Progressivism, Darwinism, Dewey, Mason, and back to the home school in America of our times.

It’s that time again….An Election Year! John De Gree of The Classical Historian will show you strategies and techniques how to teach American Government and history and also teach your children/students about the Republicans and Democrats, about conservatives and liberals, and about our news services. Come to this talk and pick up concrete lessons you can use with your littlest ones through high school age.

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