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Author of the series Unlocking Your Child’s Genius and the former editor of Homeword magazine, Jessica Parnell has a passion for kids and education. As president and CEO of Northeast Educational Associates, INC. (NEA), she enjoys working with a talented and intelligent team to drive innovation in education, provide educational products, training and support, and develop a personalized education model that works. NEA is the parent company to Bridgeway Academy, Curriculum Express, and the exciting new

The recipient of the Stevie Award for Women in Business and the 2017 Lehigh Valley Women of Influence Award, Jessica counts it a privilege to work beside educators committed to individual student success. As a company, Bridgeway Academy has received awards for the Best Unknown Business in America, Best New Product for students with Learning Disabilities, and Outstanding Customer Service.

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Every parent wants to find a curriculum that captures their child’s interest and encourages a love for learning. But, how do you know that what works for one student will work for another? How can you find the perfect fit without starting over year after year? In “The Right Fit,” our expert discusses your child’s unique brain and how to choose a curriculum in light of his or her specific interests, needs, and learning style.

Recent discoveries about the brain reveal its amazing workings and unbelievable capabilities. But, how do we as parents help our children tap into that incredible potential? Part 1 covers the top ways to engage the brain, how timing is everything, the importance of self-control, and how our emotions directly affect our working memory. Plan to get involved and enjoy this fast-paced seminar.

Part 2 discusses the power of goals, where we place our focus and values, and the processing power of the rest of our brain. We look at the importance of our words as well as ways to feed your student’s spirit with encouragement that lasts. We then discuss how we can leverage the incredible workings of the mind, and cover ways to maximize your child’s learning potential.

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