Dr. Melanie Wilson

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Dr. Melanie Wilson is a Christian psychologist turned homeschooling mother of six. Two of her sons are now attending college, leaving her with children ranging from a 5th-grader through a high school junior that she is still homeschooling. She credits God and her husband of 24 years for the time to write, speak, and homeschool too. While she doesn’t practice anymore, she does share sanity-saving ideas at her blog, PsychoWith6.com.

Melanie is the author of So You’re Not Wonder Woman, detailing the failure of psychology to change her own life; The Organized Homeschool Life: A Week-By-Week Guide to Homeschool Sanity; and Grammar Galaxy: Adventures in Language Arts, an elementary language arts curriculum.

She also hosts a podcast for homeschoolers, The Homeschool Sanity Show, and regularly broadcasts on Periscope and Facebook. She enjoys leading the Facebook group, HomeschoolScopes, for homeschoolers who enjoy live broadcasts.

Melanie is passionate about encouraging mothers in their homeschooling, family life, and faith. She loves scrapbooking and tennis, and has discovered a new hobby in Bible journaling.

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