Douglas McKelvey

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The remote descendent of Scottish horse-thieving ancestors, Douglas Kaine McKelvey has already bested the dubious achievements of his predecessors by authoring five published books and penning lyrics for more than 250 songs recorded by a variety of artists including Kenny Rogers, Switchfoot, and Jason Gray.

Douglas is currently completing the manuscript for a YA sci-fi/fantasy novel, and developing a feature film comedy-drama project with RuckusFilms.

McKelvey was born in New Hampshire and raised in east Texas, but now dwells in the long shadows somewhere south of Nashville with his Norwegianish wife and their three half-Norwegianish daughters who seem (strangely) to grow older with each passing year.

He also has a small fearless dog that believes it can fly.


Douglas McKelvey | The Rabbit Room
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Douglas McKelvey | The Rabbit Room
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