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The late John Taylor Gatto was a renowned speaker, having lectured about education in all 50 states and nine countries. He taught for 30 years in public schools and was twice awarded the New York State "Teacher of the Year." Mr. Gatto resigned from school teaching in the op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal because he no longer wanted "to hurt kids to make a living."

Demonstrating unsurpassed bravery in his condemnation of government-monopoly compulsory schooling, he was known as "The World's Most Courageous Teacher." He authored works Dumbing Us Down and Weapons of Mass Instruction.

Incredibly important This is just such a comprehensive account of the history of the dark forces behind standardized American education. Something you've felt intimately if you're a conscious human that has spent any time in the meat grinder of public schooling. [source]

In The Underground History of American Education, Gatto reveals the inner circle secrets of the American school system. This legendary schoolteacher invested over ten years of dedicated research in uncovering some of the worst ideas and writings by the creators and advocates of mandatory attendance schooling, which show where the system came from and why it exists. He combined these facts with his experience as a teacher for 30 years in New York public schools, where he won many awards, including being named State Teacher of the Year twice, and has authored an all-time classic.

Initially published in 2001, the updated version of this book includes new essays from the author and contributions from Dr. Ron Paul, David Ruenzel, and Richard Grove. The Underground History of American Education is the first of a three-book volume that will help the reader understand the American school organization and many of its hidden yet powerful parts. In this first book of the set, Mr. Gatto's humble yet bold personality, mixed with humor and class, makes it an enjoyable read, despite the importance and implications of the subject.

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