[acc_item title=” Adelphi High School Program-Garden City “]
Website: http://admissions.adelphi.edu/high-school-students/high-school-program/frequently-asked-questions/
Contact: Erin Raia
Email: eraia@adelphi.edu
Phone: (516) 877-3410
High school juniors and seniors with strong academic records are eligible to participate in the High School Program. In consultation with Adelphi University, the high school makes recommendations about each individual student’s eligibility and participation. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Agape Martial Arts-Rochester “]
Website: http://agapemartialarts.com
Contact: Les TreBony
Email: information@agapemartialarts.com
Phone: (585) 750-3048
Agape is the love of God or Christ for mankind.  And also called parental love. One of several Greek words translated into English as Love. Many have thought that this word represents divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” AHEAD New York- Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn and surrounding areas “]
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AHEAD-NY
Contact: Anette
Email: AHEAD-NY-subscribe@YahooGroups.com
Phone: (718) 441-6501
addtl email-dubin00@aol.comThis group recognizes that Homeschooling teens face challenges and concerns that are unique to their age group, including the all important High School years. We provide a community for them where they can share their concerns and joys in a secure environment. We also share resources, trips, curriculum, etc, as well as providing our ‘Clubhouse’, where we have coops, 4-H, and Social Time that enables them to bond and form friendships. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Alliance for Parental Involvement in Education (AllPIE) “]
Website: Chatham (Columbia County), with occasional workshops offered in the Hudson Valley region.
Email: allpie@taconic.net
Phone: (518) 392-4277
AllPIE is a nonprofit organization which supports families in being involved in their children’s education by offering support, information, encouragement through its publications and services. All are welcome! Members are sent AllPIE publications and pamplets; AllPIE’s book and resources catalog; and have access to AllPIE’s mail-order lending library, telephone help, referrals [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” American Family Karate for Homeschoolers-Elmira “]
Website: http://www.americanfamilykarate.com/HomeSchool.htm
Contact: Sensei Brown
Email: Sensei@AmericanFamilyKarate.com
Phone: (607) 207-4641
This class is open ONLY to homeschooled children and their parents.  Students Will Learn: – Confidence, Leadership & Integrity are the motivating factors of our school! [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Apple Family & Homeschool Group-NYC “]
Website: http://applenetwork.us/ny/index.html
Contact: Deanna
Email: applefamilygroup@yahoo.com
Phone: (631) 243-5821
The central purpose for APPLE  is for the children, and to function as a family* group where families of like interests, can come together in a variety of ways..  The gatherings may be by way of one family -to-one family, or as a group [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Armor Leah-LeRoy/Churchville “]
Contact: Matt & Jen Brandes
Email: jenbrandes@frontiernet.net
Phone: (585) 538-4933
We promote home education as the Scriptural design for education whereas institutional education is alternative to the home. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Art Central Ceramic Classes-Poughkeepsie “]
Website: http://www.artcentro.org/#!kidsclay/c10m4
Contact: Alexis Feldheim
Email: ceramics.artcentro@gmail.com
Phone: (845) 454-4525
The ceramic arts are naturally interdisciplinary: history, science, math and literacy are all relevant to this ancient craft. Let us know what your students are studying and we’ll design a program just for them! [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Baldwinsville School District “]
Email: jdangle@bville.org
For letters of intent, IHIPS and quarterly reports [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Batavia Area Coalition of Homeschoolers-Batavia “]
Email: garbarge@rochester.rr.com.
Phone: (585) 343-6863
[acc_item title=” Bethlehem Children’s School-Slingerlands “]
Website: http://bethlehemchildrensschool.org/homeschool-program/
Contact: Ralph Fahnestock
Phone: (518) 478-0224
The Bethlehem Children’s School is small enough – and flexible enough – to accommodate the particular educational and social needs of homeschooling parents. Part-time admission to the school is available for one to four days per week. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Bettih Center-Brookyn “]
Email: thebettihcenter@gmail.com
[acc_item title=” Binghamton Blaze-Binghamton “]
Email: tonymindy5@yahoo.com
Basketball for homeschoolers Jr Varsity Boys & Girl Basketball and Varsity Boys & Girls Basketball [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Blue Tomatoe-NYC “]
Website: http://www.bluetomato.us
Contact: Ellen Ross
Email: harley@bluetomato.us
Phone: (212) 387-0447
The magic of having us homeschool your children is in our ability to do what we always do: teach them the way that they want to learn, and play to their strengths and interests while supporting their weaknesses and areas of apprehension. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Brooklyn Apply Academy-Brooklyn “]
Website: http://www.brooklynappleacademy.org/p/drop-in-classes-for-home-school-students_1092.html
Contact: Noah Myers
Email: brooklynappleacademy@gmail.com
Phone: (917) 533-5977
Brooklyn Apple Academy is offering drop-in classes to the home school community.   [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Buffalo Area Homeschool Association-Erie & Niagra Counties “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Buffaloareahomeschool/info
Contact: Sue Tannehill
Email: BAHAWNY@aol.com
We have over 50 member families. We hold a monthly meeting at a local library that is adult centered and offers newcomers a chance to meet us and ask questions. We also organize field trips, run a swim and gym program for our members at a local Y, run classes in the arts and hold a weekly unstructured play date at a local park or gym. Most communication and planning is done via our members-only e-mail list. Our membership ranges from “school at home” folks to unschoolers, and everything in between. Our group is characterized by its respect for each family’s right to choose the methods and paths best suited to them. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Calvary Christian School – Port Jervis “]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/sysfiles/member/contactinfo/contactinfo.cfm?memberid=1048
Contact: Carla Hossann & Suzanna Falli
Email: calvarychristianschool209@gmail.com
Phone: (845) 856-1620
Homeschool support groups gain their strength from their members Supporting/Serving other members by participating/leading in its activities. Our entire leadership team is made up of homeschooling families, just like yours; all volunteering their time for the support of the membership [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Capital District Home Educators (CDHE) “]
Website: Capital region (Albany/Schenectady/Troy area)
Contact: Terri Jones
Email: CDHE-owner@YahooGroups.com
We welcome homeschooling families of all types. We have everything from serious unschoolers to serious school-at-homers, and we represent all sorts of philosophies. We arrange various outings through the year, such as trips to performances at the New York State Performing Arts Center (“The Egg”), a swim-and-gym program, field trips to local factories, museums, etc., and potlucks. Join our email list and see what’s going on. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Catholic Homeschoolers of Western NY “]
Website: http://www.netacc.net/~mafg/chs
Contact: Marjorie Kelley
Email: kellyfam@bluefrognet.net
Catholic Homeschoolers of Western N.Y. is a local chapter of T.O.R.C.H.- Traditions of Roman Catholic Homes. We are an association of lay faithful established to promote homeschooling among Catholic families and to support those families who are engaged in providing their children’s primary education at home. In line with this mission, the organization publishes a monthly newsletter and holds a variety of meetings, family activities, children’s clubs, and social events which provide opportunities for worship, learning, fellowship, and fun [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Catskill Area Homeschool Network (C.A.H.N.)-Greene County “]
Website: http://www.cahnetwork.net/
Email: webmom@cahnetwork.net
C.A.H.N. (Catskill Area Homeschool Network) is a homeschool support, networking and resource group for the home educating community in the Catskill New York area and Greene County. We currently meet once per week, and will be forming a 4H club for homeschooled children that will meet monthly [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Central New York Homeschoolers United-Central NY “]
Website: http://kdbo4.wix.com/cnyhomeschoolunited
Contact: Leslie Beasley
Email: CNYHomeschoolersUnited@gmail.com
This group covers the Central New York Area. This site is here to encourage unity amongst the homeschooling groups in the Central New York Area. My fellow adminstrator and I are located in the North Syracuse and Mattydale, New York area, so that is the reasoning behind the location listed below. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/445464945525458/ [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Central New York Homeschooling E-Network-Central New York “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/CNYHSEN/info
Contact: David & Laurie Callihan
Email: callihan@davidandlaurie.com
CNYHSEN is an “E-Support Group” (a net-working forum) designed to share information, encourage one another, and provide a place for individuals to organize activities relevant to homeschoolers of Central New York [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Charity Home School-Rochester “]
Website: http://charityhomeschool.org/
Contact: Jeff & Michele Boyer
Email: Charityhomeschool@gmail.com
Phone: (585) 594-4641
addtl email: charityhomeschool@yahoo.com [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Chautauqua Homeschooling & Mentoring Program-SW New York “]
Contact: Dawn Bennink
Email: bennink4@yahoo.com/champhs@stny.rr.com
We are a relatively new secular and inclusive group serving Chautauqua County and Southwestern New York. Our membership includes and welcomes school-at-homers, unschoolers and everyone in between. At present, we are organizing monthly field trips and establishing the wants and needs of our membership. We are working in conjunction with other Southwestern NY homeschooling groups, sharing information and activities, to the benefit of all groups. Most communication and planning is done via our members-only e-mail list. The only requirement for our group is respect for the member families’ differences (cultural, religious, homeschooling and otherwise). [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Chemung Valley LEAH-Elmira “]
Contact: Lucy Forest
Phone: (607) 732-4713
Christian Homeschool Support Group for Elmira, NY area. Monthly get togethers to support and encourage one another. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Children of Mary Home Schoolers-Western New York “]
Website: http://www.childrenofmaryhomeschoolers.org
Email: information@childrenofmaryhomeschoolers.org
[acc_item title=” Christian School of Performing Arts-Syracuse “]
Website: http://cspacny.org
Contact: Larry Goldberg
Email: admincspa@gmail.com
Phone: (315) 278-7914
The Christian School of Performing Arts was estabished to encourage youth to develop their gifts in a wholesome, positive environment [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Classical Conversations-Endicott “]
Website: http://www.classicalconversations.com/
Contact: Rebecca Pineau, Rose Reigle & Ozzie Osgood
Email: online contact form
Classes held at Union Center Christian Church [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Classical Conversations-Huntington “]
Website: http://www.classicalconversations.com/
Contact: Laida Oddoye
Email: online contact form
Classes held at Westhills Baptist Church [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Classical Conversations-Mount Vernon “]
Website: http://www.classicalconversations.com/
Contact: Tenika Bailey
Email: online contact form
Classes held at Mount Vernon Alliance Church [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Classical Conversations-New Hyde Park “]
Website: http://www.classicalconversations.com/
Contact: Kim Young
Email: online contact form
Classes held at New Hyde Park Baptist Church [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Classical Conversations-Upper West Side “]
Website: http://www.classicalconversations.com/
Contact: Christy Young, Christy Tyson & Tracy Ketrow
Email: online contact form
Classes held at First Baptist Church [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Classical Conversations-Rochester “]
Website: http://www.classicalconversations.com/
Contact: Melinda Puth, Christine Nickelsen, Jennifer McMullen & Tamara McOrmond
Email: mputh@classicalconversations.com
Phone: (585) 472-0260
Classes held at Victory Church [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Classical Conversations-West Sayville “]
Website: http://www.classicalconversations.com/
Contact: Cynthia Mason & Annaleah Eenigenburg
Classes held at West Sayville Reformed Bible Church [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Community Loving Education at Home-Southern Westchester “]
Contact: Maureen Gonzalez
Email: bmcmahon@mindspring.com
Phone: (914) 771-5440
[acc_item title=” Cortland-Homer LEAH “]
Contact: Karyn Parker
Email: parkerkaryn@verizon.net
[acc_item title=” Deutsche Spiegruppe German Playgroup-New Jersey/New York “]
Contact: Evelyn Preuss
Email: evelyn.preuss@gmail.com
The primary goal of the group is to give the children the opportunity to interact with their peers in German. We either do outings or half-day fieldtrips or otherwise alternate meeting at members’ homes.Moms and Dads with children aged 0 to ten welcome [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” DREAM-Discovery, Rescoures, Education & Nore-Syracuse “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/DREAM4KIDS/info
Contact: Lauren Scott/Susan Proven
Email: boingercat@aol.com/ulysses942@aol.com
Phone: (516) 746-4270
Addtl phone: (516) 837-3417 We are a diverse homeschooling community that provides support, resources, networking and activities for homeschoolers of various ethnic and religious backgrounds throughout Nassau and Suffolk Long Island, as well as the five boroughs of NYC. We do not subscribe to any single homeschooling philosophy, and embrace the diversity of our members. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Dutchess County LEAH-Salt Point “]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ny/dutchesscountyleah
Contact: Marilyn
Email: momof5ny@yahoo.com
Addtl contacts-Yvette (99bluebutterfly@gmail.com) and Liz (elizackley@yahoo.com) We are a network of support groups, serving home school families from around the state. We are a non-denominational Christian organization, promoting  home education as the Scriptural design for education. We believe every family has the God-given legal right to home educate in NYS. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” East End Homeschoolers-Aquebogue “]
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/homeschoolnewyork/
Contact: Keena Smith
Email: eastendmomof3@yahoo.com
This group is for parents who are homeschooling or intending to homeschool in the New York City Area. The purpose is to share information about workshops, trips, classes, meetups etc. that are of local interest to those of us in this area. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” East Hampton Homeschool Group “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/easthamptonhomeschool/info
Contact: Teresa Loos
Email: easthamptonhomeschool-owner@yahoogroups.com
Phone: (631) 329-9553
Homeschool families in Nassau Suffolk Queens or NYC are welcome to join. This group is serving the Hamptons, (East End of Long Island, New York), Montauk, Amagansett, Wainscott, Watermill, Springs, Napeague, East Hampton, Bridgehampton, Sag Harbor, Sagaponack. The behavior of this group will be governed by Christian principles as we are Christians. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Elmira Defenders Basketball-Elmira “]
Website: https://www.sites.google.com/site/horseheadsleah/defenders
Contact: Kim Paul
Email: dpaulfamily@gmail.com
Phone: (607) 565-4795
Boys & Girls Jr Varsity & Varsity Basketball [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Elmira Intesity Soccer-Elmira “]
Email: http://xp2z.com/wnycaa/contact-wnycaa/
Boys & Girls Soccer Teams [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Empire Home School Group-South Wales “]
Website: http://www.exploringhomeschooling.com/Search.aspx?Org=10202
Contact: Geordie Stanley
Email: myfamilymatters@gmail.com
Phone: (716) 655-5665
We are a Co-Op of local Home Schooling families that meet on Friday mornings from late Sept. until early May. We have Art, Music and Gym for grades 1-12 as well as toddler and Pre-K/Kindergarten programs and offer a nursery so that at least one parent from every family can help to run the co-op. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Exploring Home Educators- Cayuga, Onondaga & Tompkins Counties “]
Website: http://www.ourchurch.com/view/?pageID=139578
Email: online contact form
Exploring Home Education offers an exciting new way to learn about homeschooling and topics that pertain to it in the comfort of your own home, we also hold workshops in your local church and/or community centers [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Fair Haven Home School Group (FHHS)-Fair Haven “]
Contact: Elaine Smith
Email: smithhomeschool55@yahoo.com
Phone: (315) 947-5437
“A Christian Support Group that meets the first and third Friday of most
months for various activities that usually includes art, music, chapel and
gym. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Falls View Academy-Honeoye Falls “]
Website: http://www.fallsviewacademy.com/
Contact: Kenneth Tomaszewski
Email: info@fallsviewacademy.com
Phone: (585) 624-8184
Falls View Academy (FVA) is an innovative learning community providing tutoring and supplemental enrichment education services. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Family Educators Resource Network (FERN)-Albany, Rensselaer, Columbia Counties in NY; Berkshire County in MA and surrounding areas “]
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FERNetwork
Contact: Beth Lawton
Email: blawton@starband.net
FERN is an informal networking group for home educators in the areas of Columbia, Rensselaer, and Albany counties in New York and in Berkshire county in Massachusetts. FERN operates as a computer-based “newsletter” for activities, resources, and information to support homeschooling families and those interested in home education [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Family Resource Centers of Columbia County-Chathan, N Chatham, Germantown & Hudson “]
Website: http://www.familyresourcecenterscc.org/
Contact: Clair Winans
Email: frc@familyresourcecenterscc.org
Phone: (518) 392-3911
Each Center has trained childcare staff, snacks for adults and kids, and peer support programs for adults. Our Circle Time playgroups are open to all without charge and our families represent every economic, social and educational level. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Fingerlakes Unschoolers Network-Finger Lakes “]
Website: http://www.lightlink.com/hilinda/fun.html
Contact: Mary Goncarov
Email: triadresearch@juno.com
Phone: (607) 387-3001
“addtl email: funschooling-subscribe@yahoogroups.com A non-sectarian home-schooling support group from the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. We hold field trips, group activities and have a newsletter with a Kids Corner.

[acc_item title=” Five Boro H Schooling- “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/5BoroHSchooling/info
Contact: Michelle Derival
Email: derival.michelle@yahoo.com
We are a group of homeschool families that enjoy the simplicities of home instruction through various activities. All grades are welcome, with focus on grades 4-12. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Forever Learning Academy-Syracuse “]
Contact: Sakina
Email: mufeah@yahoo.com
Phone: (315) 278-0737
This group is open to any homeschooler that would like to get together for field trips & programs. Art gallery, Zoo, or any field that is is educational & you would like to go as a group. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Fulton County District Coordinator “]
Contact: Elizabeth Conners
Email: econners@fulton.cnyric.org
Phone: (315) 593-5509
For letters of intent, IHIPS and quarterly reports [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Generation Joshua-PACT-Warsaw “]
Website: http://www.generationjoshua.org
Contact: Julia Roy
Email: pactwny@gmail.com
Phone: (540) 338-8608
addtl site email: GenerationJoshua@hslda.org Generation Joshua is a HLSDA program that’s goal is to cultivate leaders and equip them to use their beliefs to influence the political process. It is geared towards Christian teenagers who are interested in learning more about government, politics, and Christianity as they work together to learn leadership skills.   [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Glens Falls Homeschoolers-SE Adirondacks (Warren, Washington, northern Saratoga Counties) “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/gfhomeschoolers/info
Contact: Lisa Filion
Email: upstatelisa@gmail.com
adtl email: gfhomeschoolers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com The Glens Falls Homeschoolers is an informal, non-denominational email list for families of homeschoolers in the greater Glens Falls, NY area. This forum is intended as a location at which members may post messages of interest to the group, such as information or questions about curriculum and regulations, information regarding upcoming social events and field trips, and support group meeting information [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Greece Homeschool Co op-Rochester “]
Email: jldec31@gmail.com
Phone: (585) 576-5635
[acc_item title=” Guilderland Area Home Learning Association (GAHLA) “]
Contact: Ellen Doolin
Email: GAHLANY@hotmail.com
yahoo email-GAHLANY-subscribe@yahoogroups.com [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Hawk Circle-Cherry Valley “]
Website: http://www.hawkcircle.com/index.php/main-nav/youth-programs/home-school-groups/
Email: hawkcircleoffice@gmail.com
Phone: (607) 264-3396
Whatever the experience is that you are looking for, we can customize a program to meet the needs of your group, offering a powerful, transformative and bonding experience that will have lasting effects for your home schooling students. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” HIM Ministry-CiCicero “]
Website: http://www.himministry.org/
Contact: Shauna Grainger
Email: mgrainger@afo.net
Phone: (315) 699-4140
HIM Ministry is a home school support ministry of Believer’s Chapel 7912 Thompson Rd., Cicero, New York. We are simply a group of homeschooling families coming together once a month to celebrate learning together. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Home Education Exchange of the Southern Tier-Binghamton “]
Website: http://home.stny.rr.com/heeny
Contact: Jody Pusey
Email: aoberm2073@aol.com
addtl email stnyhee-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Nonsectarian activity and support group for homeschoolers and for those exploring educational alternatives [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Home Education Network of the Albany Area (HENAA) “]
Email: henaahomeschool@gmail.com
HENAA is an inclusive, eclectic homeschooling cooperative comprised of families residing in Albany, NY and the surrounding regions. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Home Educators Group of Schoharie “]
Website: http://www.hegs.info/#!
Contact: Eileen Knott
Email: knott@capital.net
We exist to provide support for homeschooling families, information on homeschooling, and to allow for sharing of educational opportunities. We hope to increase public awareness, acceptance, and support of home education in Schoharie County [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Home Educators of Pike County & Beyond “]
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/102478059885354/
Contact: Melissa Dejoseph
Email: https://www.facebook.com/melissadejoseph
A place for home educators from Pike County and surrounding areas to share info pertinent to lea…rning, activities, meet-ups, to ask questions and get input and info [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Home Learners Association of Central New York (HLACNY)-Central NY, Syracuse “]
Website: http://www.hlacny.com/
Contact: Jenafer Medina
Email: hlacny@gmail.com
Home Learners Association of CNY is a member-driven organization providing support and opportunities to our homeschooling members.  We are a secular group welcoming all members of all faiths, political views, ethnicities, parenting styles, and homeschooling philosophies. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Home School New York-state wide “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/homeschoolnewyork/info
Contact: Twinkle Burke-Hubbard
Email: homeschoolnewyork-owner@yahoogroups.com
Homeschool New York members share information about workshops, trips, classes, curricula, meet-ups, etc. that are of interest to our membership. We also welcome posts on topics (newspaper articles, curriculum, websites, etc.) that may be of interest to homeschoolers [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Home School NYC-New York City “]
Website: http://homeschoolnyc.com/index.html
Contact: Laurie Spiegel
Email: http://homeschoolnyc.com/ask-laurie.html#post-question
Resources for everything related to homeschoolin in NYC and surrounding areas [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Horseheads LEAH-Horseheads “]
Contact: Bobby & Rebecca Chen
Phone: (607) 739-5374
Support Group of homeschoolers for Horseheads, NY. Meets on a monthly basis (occasionally every other month) [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Hudson Homeschooling-Hopewell Junction, Hudson & Dutchess County “]
Website: http://www.hudsonhomeschooling.com/
Contact: Dawn
Email: daaj@nycmail.com/hudsonhomeschooling@hudsonhomeschooling.com
The goal of this group is to offer a place where our children can socialize, learn and grow together. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Hudson Valley LEAH Consortium-Latham “]
Contact: Helen Hagen
Email: helenhillhagen@gmail.com
The Consortium is an educational opportunity for home-schooled students in grades 7-12. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Hudson Valley Rocks Varsity Basketball-Albany “]
Website: http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=hvrocksbasketball&sid=855098658
Contact: Dave Landry
Phone: (518) 758-9185
Varsity Boys Soccer, Varsity Boys & Girls Basketball, Jr Varsity Basketball [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Hudson Valley Sudbury School-Kingston “]
Website: http://sudburyschool.com/articles/sudbury-model-education
Email: office@sudburyschool.com
Phone: (845) 679-1002
In a home schooling environment, parents take most of the responsibility for the student’s education. In New York and many other states, however, the state still takes some responsibility for determining the home scholar’s curriculum and for evaluating the home scholar. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Jam & Jemz Studio Homeschool Girls Group-Rochester “]
Website: http://www.jamandjemz.com/
Contact: Amy Colombo
Email: info@jamandjemz.com
Phone: (585) 259-5582
Our program focuses on physical, emotional & social well-being. Building healthy relationships & self esteem while having fun is our passion and goal. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Jewish Home Educators of NYC-New York City “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/JHENYC/info
Email: jhenyc-owner@yahoogroups.com
This list, Jewish Home Educators of New York City, is a meeting place for homeschooling or unschooling Jewish parents (or those just thinking about it) living in or around New York City. Addtl contact is Rhonda Rose-duke4rose@aol.com [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Kids Out and About-Rochester “]
Website: http://rochester.kidsoutandabout.com
Contact: Debra Ross
Email: ross@kidsoutandabout.com
Phone: (585) 381-9527
Resources for everything related to homeschoolin inRochester and surrounding areas [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” LEAH CHAPTER-Albany/Adirondacks “]
Website: http://www.leah.org/
Contact: Michael & Carol Bailey
Email: Albany-Adirondacks@nysleah.org
Phone: (866) 960-9440
ext 704 – additional email: Region4@leah.org Membership in LEAH is through a local chapter. A LEAH Chapter typically provides opportunities to meet with experienced home educators, join field trips, attend or participate in athletic activities, and gain access to a variety of other events. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” LEAH CHAPTER-Binghamton/Southern Tier “]
Website: http://www.leah.org/
Contact: Rick & Denise Madl
Email: SouthernTier@nysleah.org
Phone: (866) 960-9440
ext 706- addtl email: Region6@leah.org Membership in LEAH is through a local chapter. A LEAH Chapter typically provides opportunities to meet with experienced home educators, join field trips, attend or participate in athletic activities, and gain access to a variety of other events. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” LEAH CHAPTER-Buffalo/Western New York “]
Website: http://www.leah.org/
Contact: Steve & Catie Perschke
Email: Buffalo-WesternNY@nysleah.org
Phone: (866) 960-9440
ext 708 -additional email: Region8@leah.org Membership in LEAH is through a local chapter. A LEAH Chapter typically provides opportunities to meet with experienced home educators, join field trips, attend or participate in athletic activities, and gain access to a variety of other events. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” LEAH CHAPTER-Corporate Office-Fayatteville “]
Website: www.leah.org
Email: leahvicepresident@LEAH.org
Phone: (866) 960-9440
“LEAH has over 120 chapters and 3200 families. We support New York Homeschooling through local support groups (chapters), conferences, and legislative monitoring.
[acc_item title=” LEAH CHAPTER-Downstate/NYC area “]
Website: http://www.leah.org/
Contact: Jason & Michele White
Email: Downstate@nysleah.org
Phone: (866) 960-9440
ext 710-additional email: Region10@leah.org Membership in LEAH is through a local chapter. A LEAH Chapter typically provides opportunities to meet with experienced home educators, join field trips, attend or participate in athletic activities, and gain access to a variety of other events. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” LEAH CHAPTER-Hudson Valley “]
Website: http://www.leah.org/
Contact: Benita Oliver
Email: attstylmom@aol.com
Phone: (866) 960-9440
ext 703-additional email: Region3@leah.org Membership in LEAH is through a local chapter. A LEAH Chapter typically provides opportunities to meet with experienced home educators, join field trips, attend or participate in athletic activities, and gain access to a variety of other events. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” LEAH CHAPTER-Niagara Community “]
Website: http://ncleah.yolasite.com/
Contact: Robert Dallman
Email: http://ncleah.yolasite.com/contact-us.php
Phone: (716) 283-1444
Niagara Community LEAH is a local community of Christian home school families.  Our primary goal as parents is to glorify Jesus Christ, and with God’s help to raise our children to desire to do the same.  We believe that God has appointed us the task of educating our children.  As a community of believers we wish to connect with other like-minded parents for the purpose of encouraging each other in our God-given calling [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” LEAH CHAPTER-Rochester/Finger Lakes “]
Website: http://www.leah.org/
Contact: Glenn & Patti Owens
Email: Rochester-FingerLakes@nysleah.org
Phone: (866) 960-9440
ext 707-additional email: Region7@leah.org Membership in LEAH is through a local chapter. A LEAH Chapter typically provides opportunities to meet with experienced home educators, join field trips, attend or participate in athletic activities, and gain access to a variety of other events. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” LEAH CHAPTER-Syracuse/Central New York “]
Website: http://www.leah.org/
Contact: Scott & Debbie Fitzsimmons
Email: Syracuse-CentralNY@nysleah.org
Phone: (866) 960-9440
ext 705 Membership in LEAH is through a local chapter. A LEAH Chapter typically provides opportunities to meet with experienced home educators, join field trips, attend or participate in athletic activities, and gain access to a variety of other events. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” LEAH-Ornament of Grace-Palmyra “]
Website: http://www.ggw.org/oogleah/
Email: oogleah@ggw.org
Ornament of Grace L.E.A.H. exists for the purpose of providing support to like-minded Christian home educators within the group [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” LEAH-PCC Pittsford Community Church-Rochester “]
Website: http://pccleah.org/
Contact: Chris & Elaine Pragle
Email: online contact form
Phone: (585) 347-4140
PCC LEAH is a Christian organization, made up of Christian home schooling families in the greater Rochester, NY area. This chapter is open to membership from within and outside Pittsford Community Church. Members must agree to the LEAH statement of faith (below). [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” LEAP Homeschool Co op-Sparrowbush “]
Website: Leaphomeschool.wordpress.com
Email: leaphomeschool@gmail.com
Numerous resources and information regarding homeschooling in New York [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Learning Together LEAH-Corning “]
Email: LearningTogetherLeah@verizon.net
Group of 35+ home schooling families within 30 miles of Corning. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” LIGHT-Long Islander’s Growing at Home Together-Long Island/Queens “]
Website: http://www.longislandhomeschool.com/
Contact: Devorah Weinmann
Email: devww@aol.com
Phone: (516) 868-5766
LIGHT is a secular organization. We welcome people of all faiths, belief systems, religions (or lack thereof), ethnicity and abilities to come together as fellow home schoolers as long as they do not infringe upon the right of other members with differing beliefs. Our members peacefully coexist under the umbrella of home schooling. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Lilacs Children’s Garden-Rochester “]
Website: http://lilacchildrensgarden.org
Contact: Kristine
Email: info@lilacchildrensgarden.org
LCG offers classes for home- schooled children ages five to fourteen. We meet from one to four on Tuesday afternoons in Brighton, New York. Meets at Twelve Corners Pres Church [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Little Flower Catholic Homeschool-Carmel “]
Email: tmhoegler@yahoo.com
[acc_item title=” Liverpool Youth Flag Football-Liverpool “]
Website: http://www.i9sports.com/
Contact: Jim Farrelly
Email: jfarrelly@I9sports.com
Phone: (315) 515-1012
Youth Flag Football for kids 3-14 years old. League meets once per week and focuses on fun for the kids. No screaming coaches!  [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Living Room Learners- Albany, Greene, and Schoharie counties “]
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LivingRoomLearners
Contact: Paulette Ryder
Email: smilindove@aol.com
Phone: (518) 239-8414
Living Room Learners is a group of home-schooling families living around upper Greene / lower Albany / eastern Schoharie counties. We embrace all races, religions, and styles of learning. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” LOL Homeschool Group-Lockport/Western NY “]
Website: http://www.lolhomeschool.blogspot.com/
Contact: Lisa
Free group open to all homeschool families in the Western New York area. Our group has many events, fieldtrips, and opportunities available to the students each month. We have a website and a yahoo e-mail loop to help families stay connected. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Loving Education at Home -NYC, Long Island “]
Website: http://www.region10leah.org/
Contact: Rudy Hugo
Email: Dadsheart5optonline.net
Phone: (516) 315-4909
addtl email-info@region10.org (516) 771-7099 LEAH is a Christian homeschool support group and, as such, adheres to Christian principles and precepts [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Lowville Homeschool Group-Lowville “]
Contact: Jody Roe
Email: jodyk@certowers.com
Phone: (315) 376-7997
This is a small yet outgoing group of moms who homeschool or are interested in doing so.we get together once a month for a meeting .we share our triumphs our failures and our fears. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Lower Westchester Support Group-Westchester “]
Contact: Valerie Lowe
Email: vlowe85@yahoo.com
Phone: (914) 279-6372
[acc_item title=” Manhattan Free School-Manhattan “]
Website: http://manhattanfreeschool.org/webform/makerdays
Contact: Geva Patz
Phone: (212) 533-2826
Maker Day programs An exciting new opportunity for homeschool students to work in our makerspace and receive personalized support from our resident Maker, Geva Patz. Participants can come with original project ideas and receive support in the planning, designing, and executing of those projects, or simply come to tinker and learn new Maker skills at their own pace. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Mohawk Homeschool Rowing-Schenwctady “]
Contact: Matt Hopkins
Email: mattamhop@nycap.rr.com
Phone: (518) 378-3938
A team of homeschooler rowers that competes against other scholastic teams [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Naples LEAH “]
Contact: Tracy Gossoo
Email: tgossoo@live.com
Phone: (585) 374-8523
We are a small group of about five families ranging from grades 2-11. We meet twice a month for activities both educational and fun at a local church [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” New Life LEAH-Long Island “]
Contact: Sandy Hall
Email: keepersathomemom@juno.com
Phone: (631) 306-0486
I am a member of this LEAH group. We meet once a month, have clothing and book exchanges, once-a-week co-op classes, and lots of great fellowship. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” New York Academics-NYC “]
Website: http://www.tutornewyorkcity.com/homeschooling-new-york-academics.htm
Phone: (347) 526-1842
We recognize that families look for homeschooling in New York for many different reasons and we strive to provide an individualized program that suits your unique needs. However, we do have a philosophical belief in providing a rigorous, humane, and secular education to all of our students [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” New York City Home Educators Alliance (NYCHEA) “]
Website: https://nychea.org
Email: nychea.info@gmail.com
Phone: (212) 505-9884
[acc_item title=” New York State LEAH-Albany Co op-Albany/Bethlehem “]
Contact: Ann Shannon
Email: christianmom_3@yahoo.com
We usually have a variety of classes to cover all ages groups. We divide our children by age (4 and5 yr olds, 6 and 7 year olds, 8-10, and 11 and up) and by gender after age 8. This makes the class size manageable [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” North Country Homeschooling- Plattsburgh and surrounding areas, Clinton/Essex/Franklin Counties in Northern NY “]
Website: http://northcountryhomeschooling.org/
Email: northcountryhomeschooling@gmail.com
addtl websites: http://www.northcountryhomeschooling.blogspot.com/ & http://www.facebook.com/?sk=welcome#!/groups/154516691278528/ The North Country Homeschooling group seeks to provide homeschooling support and activities to those living in the Northern NY counties of Clinton, Essex, and Franklin. Activity information is available via email, blog, and Facebook. Support is provided though Facebook. The group is open to anyone who homeschools or who is thinking of homeschooling [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” North Gate Leah-Rochester “]
Email: northgateLEAHinformation@groups.msn.com
Loving Education At Home is a Christian organization, the members of which are likeminded Christian home education support groups [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” North of Buffalo Homeschool Association (NOBHA)-Buffalo “]
Website: http://www.nobha.com/
Contact: Angela Gelyon
Email: joshgelyon@yahoo.com
Phone: (716) 778-6516
We are an inclusive homeschooling support group that serves the Niagara County and surrounding areas. We welcome all homeschoolers regardless of religious beliefs or homeschooling philosophies. We offer support, information, resources…. We meet monthly and also have field trips. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Northern Adirondack Home Educators-Northern Adirondacks “]
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TLCHomeEd
Contact: Jenn Grisi
Email: hoytfarm@juno.com
Phone: (518) 891-9021
yahoo email: TLCHomeEd-subscribe@yahoogroups.com We meet monthly, the third Thursday of each month from September through May at the Presbyterian Church in Saranac Lake at 7 PM. Our members (yearly $5 membership fee) have access to our on-line group site where events are posted. We also have a monthly newsletter that includes scheduled upcoming events, new member information and stories from the “home front [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Northern Light Learning Center-Ithaca “]
Website: http://nllchs.org/
Contact: Cheryl Thompson
Email: liamsmom07@earthlink.net
Phone: (607) 542-9892
We are a cooperative homeschool learning center located in downtown Ithaca, made up of about 60 homeschooling families that work together to offer classes and events for children of all ages. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Northern Onondaga Chapter of NY LEAH “]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ny/northernonondagaleah/
Email: ccplus1@hotmail.com
NYS LEAH is a state-wide network of support groups, serving home school families from around the state. We are a non-denominational Christian organization, promoting  home education as the Scriptural design for education. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Northern Westchester LEAH-North Westchester/Yorktown “]
Contact: Barbara Gomez
Phone: (914) 533-2324
We have a yahoo group for activities posted throughout Northern Westchester County. You can emai me for information regarding the group. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” NYHEN-statewide “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/NYHEN-Support/info
Email: nyhen-support-owner@yahoogroups.com
[acc_item title=” NYEN Special Needs “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/NYHEN-SpecialNeeds/info
Email: nyhen-specialneeds-owner@yahoogroups.com
This is the place for you if you have questions or experiences to share about special needs homeschooling in NY, whether your child’s needs are physical, emotional, or learning-related, and whether or not your child has any official diagnosis. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” NYHEN Teen-statewide “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/NYHEN-Teen/info
Email: nyhen-teen-owner@yahoogroups.com
It’s a place for New York State homeschooling families — parents and teens — to discuss topics concerning older homeschoolers, such as curriculum options for homeschooling at the high school and junior high level, social activities, volunteer activities, employment rules, [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Oneida Lake Area Home Educators-Oneida Lake “]
Contact: Chris Wheeler
Email: Statice72@aol.com
Phone: (315) 762-5166
[acc_item title=” Oneonta LEAH-Unadilla “]
Website: http://www.leah.org  
Contact: Jeanette Westcott
Meets the second Friday of each month. Support, field trips, classes, workshops, co-ops, sports teams, picnics, shared resources. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Onondaga Christian Homeschoolers-Liverpool, Syracuse, Baldwinsville, Cammilus and surrounding areas “]
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OnondagaChristianHomeschoolers/
Contact: Teresa Mansfield
Email: https://www.facebook.com/teresamansfield
villages and towns around Onondaga lake, NY. Our primary purpose is fellowship/chat, but feel free to post park meet up days, field trips, and fun events to do together. As family time is precious, please only post things all ages are welcome at if possible. Homeschoolers using any curriculum & style are welcome. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Orange County Homeschoolers-Orange County “]
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/orangehomeschoolers
Contact: Linda Wajda
Email: orangehomeschoolers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Phone: (845) 651-5595
An inclusive group offering social outings and community-based educational opportunities for our children. We are an informal group and members take turns arranging actvities. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Oswego County-BOCES “]
Contact: Danielle Capella
Email: dcapella@oswegoboces.org
APW School District Coordinator [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Oswego LEAH – Oswego County “]
Website: http://homeschool-life.com/ny/oswegoleah/
Contact: Paige Bouldin
Email: paige@bwssi.com
Our members represent a diversity of traditions within the Christian faith, over 25 different denominations and non-denominational churches represented, who are united in their commitment to home education. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Otherwise Providing Education in NY (OPENY)-statewide “]
Website: http://www.open-ny.org
Contact: Paul & Lorraine Matte
Email: Researcher@open-ny.org
Our understanding of the Law in the state of New York states there are 3 levels each gaining their authority from the greater Law. We are here to review all new bills being presented to the House and Senate and will advocate on your behalf [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Parents Educational Alliance of Christian Homeschoolers (PEACH)-Manhattan & 5 boros “]
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/peachnyc/
Contact: Rose or Giancarlo Fernandez –
Email: peach_ny@yahoo.com
And as a Home School Support Group our MAIN goal is to inform, encourage, and provide fellowship for home educating parents and their families AND to educate those who have the curiosity of learning about Homeschooling. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Parents Instructing Challenged Children (PICC) statewide “]
Website: http://www.leah.org/parents-instructing-challenged-children/
Email: picc@nysleah.org
Phone: (866) 960-9440
[acc_item title=” Park Slope Homeschooling Community-Brooklyn “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/parkslopehomeschoolers/info
“This email group was created to facilitate networking, event planning, and friendships for homeschooling families in Brooklyn, NY. This is a secular group that it is not limited to one form/method of homeschooling. We share a commitment of offering our children an excellent home-based education.
[acc_item title=” PATCH-Parents Alt Through Christian Homeschooling-Walden “]
Contact: Sue McGowan
Email: sue@tlcinwalden.com
Phone: 845-778-7119
Held at Trinity Lutheran Church in Walden. We are a homeschooling co-op that is run by the parents of the children involved. Currently we have 21 families with children in K-9th grade. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Patrick Henry College-Camps; Purceville VA high recommended by LEAH.ORG “]
Website: http://phcteencamps.org/#/camps/
Contact: Stephen Williams
Phone: (540) 441-8105
Summer camps available regarding: Constitutional Law, Journalism, Drama, Strategic Intelligence, Public Speaking, Debate, Literature, & Leadership/Vocation [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Queens Homeschoolers-Queens “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/QueensHomeschoolers/info
Email: queenscountyhomeschoolers@yahoo.com
“We host and attend events in Queens County and all the surrounding areas. Our group is open to all homeschoolers regardless of homeschooling philosophy, religion or ethnic background. We also invite those who are seriously considering homeschooling to join us in order to learn more.
[acc_item title=” Roberts Weseleyan Collage Home schooled Sports Program-Rochester “]
Website: https://www.roberts.edu/home/vac/programs/home-school.aspx
Contact: Elaine Gregory
Phone: (585) 594-6290
Camps include: All Sports, Soccer, Volleyball and Lacrosse [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Rochester Area Homeschoolers Association-Rochester “]
Website: http://www.rochesterareahomeschoolers.org/
Email: RAHAInformation@gmail.com
Phone: (585) 234-0298
Rochester Area Homeschoolers Association is a community of families dedicated to supporting one another in our common commitment to learning without schooling. Our membership gathers together for philosophical rather than religious reasons and therefore welcomes families of all backgrounds who share our vision. We are deeply devoted to our children and believe that their growth is best fostered in a child-led, rather than curriculum-driven, learning environment that is centered in the home and reaches out to explore the world around us. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Rochester Christian School-Rochester “]
Website: http://www.rochesterchristianschool.org/#!home-school-options/ctfu
Contact: Laura Passero
Email: info@rochesterchristianschool.org
Phone: (585) 671-4910
At Rochester Christian School we offer a partnership with home school families.We also integrate Biblical truths into all subject matter and strive to bring Christ into all interactions. We have had several home school students come to RCS for part of each day and also for specific subjects [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Rochester Rapids Homeschool Sports-Rochester “]
Website: http://www.grleah.net/rr/
Contact: Mike Bushen
Email: mmbushen@gmail.com
Phone: (585) 227-7669
Varsity Boys Soccer, Varsity Boys & Girls Basketball [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Rockland County LEAH- “]
Website: http://www.freewebs.com/rocklandcountyleah/
Contact: Chris & Lisa Buteux
Email: homespunfarm87@hotmail.com
“We are organized to support families involved in or interested in home education, through encouragement, information, activities, and fellowship.
[acc_item title=” Rome LEAH-Rome, Rochester & Finger Lakes “]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ny/romeleah/
Contact: Celeste Owens
Email: RomeLEAH1@gmail.com/cagwomens@aol.com
Phone: (315) 820-4147
We are a non-denominational Christian organization, promoting home education as the Scriptural design for education. We believe every family has the God-given legal right to home educate in NYS, regardless of their educational philosophy or religious affiliation. LEAH is not a church, nor is it meant to replace the ministry of the local church to the homeschool family. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Sacred Heart Home Schoolers-Oneonta “]
“We are a small group, 7 families, about 30 children. The moms meet twice a month for discussion, we go to first Friday Mass together, and have occasional family get togethers.

[acc_item title=” SAHA-Syracuse Homeschoolers “]
Website: http://www.syracusehomeschoolers.com/
Email: syracuse_homeschoolers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Welcome to the Syracuse-area Homeschoolers’ Association (SaHA) Web page! We are a diverse group of families who have a common interest in teaching our children at home. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Saratoga Area Homeschoolers-Saratoga County “]
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SaratogaHomeschoolers
Contact: Anne Hodge
Email: chez-hodge@juno.com
Phone: (518) 584-9110
SaratogaHomeschoolers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Scarlett Knights Soccer Club-Macedon “]
Website: http://www.sksoccerclub.org/
Contact: Tom Wager
Email: board@sksoccerclub.org
Varsity Boys & Girls Soccer [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Schoharie Valley Leah- “]
Website: http://www.leaplearners.org/svleah/index.htm
Contact: Elisabeth Tissiere
Email: SchValLEAH@aol.com
addtl email elisabeth@leaplearners.org and info@leaplearners.org [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Sidney Area LEAH-Bainbridge, Sidney & North Blenhelm “]
Contact: Taryn Padiak
Email: thepadiaks@gmail.com
Phone: (607) 563-9043
Providing weekly Phys Ed, field trips, and family get-togethers for no extra cost beyond the State Membership fee. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Simply Homeschooling-Rochester “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/simplyhomeschooling/info
Email: simplyhomeschooling-owner@yahoogroups.com
Simply Homeschooling is a resource/support network for those currently homeschooling or planning to homeschool in greater Rochester, NY. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Son Shine LEAH-Canandaigua “]
Contact: Seanna Shugars
Email: seanna@sonshineleah.org
Wonderful Co-op that meets on Monday afternoons from 12:30-3:15 pm. Classes include Gym, Art, and Enrichment (cooking, science, social studies, etc). [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” South Brooklyn Homeschoolers (SBH) “]
Contact: Niliaja Troy
Email: pingelig2@hotmail.com
Phone: (718) 788-0706
Our goal is socialization for our children and support for each other. There is no cost to join and we try to keep field trips down to a minimum. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Spirit of Timothy LEAH-Hunt “]
Contact: Shelley
Email: luvnmykidz@bluefrog.com
We are a Christian Homeschool group with approximately 20 families that has a co-op, field trips, and other activities. We meet at Hunt Baptist Church for our co-op. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Staten Island Christian Home Educators-Staten Island “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SICHE/info
Contact: Ron & Lynette Larsen
Email: larsens.forhim@verizon.net
Phone: (718) 356-7008
Another contact: David Garzetta (718) 300-0698 email dgarzetta@bankofny.com We are Chistian parents who are homeschooling in the Staten Island area. The purpose is to share information about workshops, trips, classes, etc., that are of interest to those in the area. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” St. Joseph Catholic Home Educators-Broome, Tioga & Chenango Counties “]
Email: cathmomofsix@gmail.com
We currently meet in Endicott with the majority of the members attending different parishes in Binghamton, Vestal and Endicott. We come together for friendship and Mass on First Fridays of each month, offering a few planned educational and physical activities before Mass. Field trips and parties are also planned throughout the year. Weve recently established a teen group for apologetics, and other Catholic culture experiences. We are loyal to the Magisterium, diverse in age with young mothers just starting out and others who have homeschooled for many years. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” St. Peter’s North Ridge Homeschool Resource Center-Lockport “]
Website: http://homeschool.stpeternorthridge.org/
Email: lovetolearn@stpeternorthridge.org
Phone: (716) 433-9013
addtl phone (716) 433-9014; email homeschool@stpeternorthridge.org We seek to offer a balance of activities and academic opportunities within a learning community which emphasizes Christian character development [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” St Thomas Aquinas Homeschoolers-Rochester “]
Website: http://stahra.wordpress.com/
Contact: Maura
Email: hsinfostahra@yahoo.com
To provide information, experiences, and a supportive community for Catholic families who choose to educate their children at home.  St. Thomas Aquinas Homeschoolers of the Rochester Area has as its foundation and as the guiding principle of all its function and activities, fidelity to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Suffolk County Homeschool List-Suffolk County “]
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SCNYhomeschool
Email: scnyhomeschool@yahoo.com
This list is meant to provide a forum where homeschooling families can connect with other homeschoolers located on the eastern half of Long Island [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Suffolk County Homeschoolers-Suffolk County “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SCNYhomeschool/info
Email: dlugbauer@optonline.net
Serving current homeschoolers in Suffolk County, NY. Suffolk County Homeschoolers has a wide range of field trips and events for all ages, even a teen group. Although we have no dues, we do require a telephone interview, follow some simple email rules, and live in or around Suffolk County. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Syracuse Area Homeschooler-Syracuse and surrounding areas “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Syracuse_Homeschoolers/info
Contact: Lisa Jensen
Email: syracuse_homeschoolers-owner@yahoogroups.com
We are a diverse group of families who homeschool. Membership in our group is open and not limited to those with particular religious beliefs or political affiliations. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Syracuse Lady Eagles Basketball-Syracuse “]
Girls Varsity Basketball [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Syracuse Christian Home School Basketball Program-Wolfpack-Syracuse “]
Website: http://www.syracusechristian.org/
Contact: David Smith
Email: smiths23@verizon.net
Syracuse Christian Wolfpack is a scholastic athletic program for CNY homeschooled students, ages 12 – 18. We have varsity and junior varsity basketball boys teams: colors are Orange and Blue, and our nickname is Wolfpack! [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” TGIF LEAH of Chemug Valley-Horseheads “]
Contact: Tracey Hungerford
Email: hungerford@stny.rr.com
Phone: (607) 846-4001
Co-op classes for homeschoolers. Meeting alternate Fridays, two semesters per school year. Cost is minimal and per class [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” The Alternative Learning Center (TALC) Columbia County and surrounding area “]
Website: http://www.talcny.org/
Email: membership@talcny.org
TALC is a homeschooling community and cooperative based in Columbia County. Our mission is to provide a forum in which people of all ages can share educational resources and knowledge; to organize and coordinate activities which further such sharing; to operate a program of activities for children and youth, using the resources of the community; and to encourage learning in its broadest sense. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” The Birch School-Rock Tavern “]
Website: http://www.resourcecenter.watershedlearningcenter.org/members/
Email: TheBirchSchool@WatershedLearningCenter.org
Phone: (845) 361-2267
The Birch School & Homeschool Resource Center can assist you with all aspects of your homeschool journey. We specialize in helping families who are new to homeschooling, or who are just beginning to consider an alternative learning situation for their students [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” The Inclusive Homeschooling Support Group of Potsdam “]
Contact: Nadia Alawa
Email: nadia@nandomail.com
This homeschooling supportgroup is for any mother who is homeschooling or considering it. All we ask is that you have enough resources in you to be accepting of different educational philosophies, different styles of homeschooling, beliefs, lifestyles etc. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” The King’s Choice LEAH-Brooklyn “]
Contact: Stephanie Polt
Email: thekingschoice@gmail.com
We are a Christian homeschool group in Brooklyn, NY affiliated with NY State LEAH. We offer field trips, activities, parent fellowship times, testing, and more. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” The Learning Community (TLC) of Bergen and Rockland Counties “]
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TLC_Bergen_Rockland/
Contact: Cynthia
Email: amazzingpet@aol.com
[acc_item title=” The Montfort Academy- Katonah “]
Website: http://www.themontfortacademy.org/
Contact: Emily Sullivan
Email: http://www.themontfortacademy.org/apps/contact/
Phone: (914) 767-0325
The Montfort Academy is an award-winning, classical high school for boys and girls.  We promote the highest ideals of scholarship, sportsmanship, moral development, and citizenship, providing our students a priceless and unparalleled education that will last a lifetime.  As a private school we aim for all of our graduates to attend the finest colleges, universities, and vocational schools. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” The ROC-Resource & Opportunity Center for Homeschoolers-East Village “]
Website: http://www.therocforhomeschoolers.org/
Contact: Kaye McFarland
Email: TheROC93@gmail.com
The ROC (Resource and Opportunity Center) for Homeschoolers is open to homeschooling families in the New York City area, and serves as a gathering/meeting place and informal resource center. Through the offering of memberships, programs, classes, workshops, free playtime and activities, families can enjoy socializing, and sharing/swapping – information, opinions, materials and/or meals, etc – while learning and playing together with other homeschooling families. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” The Training Ground-Rochester “]
Website: http://www.thetrainingground.org/
Contact: Rebecca D. Mancini
Email: becky@thetrainingground.org
Phone: (585) 381-7250
The Training Ground is an educational club for home schooled students in grades 6-12, advertising educational enrichment programs (offered by independent contractors) and special events (such as service projects, socials, field trips, guest speakers hosted by TG parents) to its teen members. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” The VC Co-op & Learning Center-Rose & Wayne County “]
Contact: Julie
Email: homeschooljewel@yahoo.com
Phone: (315) 420-6707
co-op style group w/art, music, gym, culinary, clubs, yearbook, dance, Irish step dance, gymnastics, instrument lessons, history fair, pet show, grandparent’s tea, Prom/Ball dances, carnival, fund raising, field trips, and lots more [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Thousand Islands LEAH-Clayton/Watertown “]
Contact: Debbie Meeks
Phone: (315) 686-2527
Homeschooling group connected with NYSLEAH. We are in the Thousand Islands region — Clayton, Watertown, NY area. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Time For Learning-statewide “]
Website: http://www.time4learning.net/forum/new-york/
forum for state wide home schoolers [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” TORCH-Buffalo & Western NY “]
Email: byrnes@osnet.net
[acc_item title=” TriState Homeschoolers-LaGrangeville “]
Website: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/tchs_newsletter/info
Contact: Sylvia Diaz
Email: tchs@optonline.net
Phone: (845) 677-4113
Secular, inclusive group of homeschoolers who come together for support, activities and events. Offers events, activities, newsletter, and more [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Trumansburg Homeschool Co-op Trumansburg/Enfield “]
Contact: Kellie-Lapoint Flood
Email: mklapoint@htva.net
Homeschool families welcome, Fridays 9:30-12noon Calvary Baptist Church in Trumansburg. Welcoming christian homeschool families from Trumansburg to Enfield [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Ulster Home Educators (UHE)- Ulster County (and general Hudson Valley area) “]
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UlsterHomeEducators
Contact: Erica Chase-Salerno
Email: UlsterHomeEducators-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
addtl email is erica@chase.net UHE is an inclusive email list for the exchange of information and support for homeschooling families or families interested in homeschooling in and around Ulster County, NY. We have periodic meetings around the county to give us the chance to get together, ask questions, meet new homeschooling families, and just catch up. We also have a lending library with a variety of homeschool resources. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Valley Area LEAH-Waverly “]
Contact: Kim Paul
Email: dpaulfamily@gmail.com
Phone: (607) 565-4795
Activities are provided to homeschooling families that are not easy to do at home. An annual calendar of planned events is published. Addtl email is: valleyleahgroup@gmail.com [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Vestal LEAH-Vestal “]
Contact: Leslie
Email: meyfamily@verizon.net
Phone: (607) 797-2888
Homeschool Support Group. Meets the 2nd Thursday of each month, Vestal Public Library 7pm. Monthly meetings + other family activities, field trips, etc. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Wellsville Area Homeschoolers “]
Contact: Deborah DeJonge
Email: billandzoo@hotmail.com
Phone: (585) 593-4924
We are an eclectic mix of home educators, diverse in our methods, curriculum and idealogy, but united in our purpose of educating our children at home. Although primarily a Christian group, all families flexible in observing group policy are welcome and encouraged. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Western New York Home Schoolers: Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, Genesee, Niagara, Orleans, and Wyoming “]
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WNYHomeschool/
Contact: Tracy Keller
Email: Kellerkids@roadrunner.com
We have over 350 member families. We are all inclusive to homeschoolers. All ethnic and religious groups are welcome to join. We have a weekly co-op group in West Seneca that meets, as well as field trips. Some members hold a weekly unstructured play date at a local park or gym. Most communication and planning is done via our members-only e-mail list. Our membership ranges from “school at home” folks to unschoolers, and everything in between. There is no fee at this time to join. However, we do like to know who is in the group and a little bit about them first. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Western Wayne County LEAH-Newark “]
Contact: Kelly Reynolds
Email: kreynolds19@rochester.rr.com
We currently are not offering co-op classes, but we do have quarterly mom’s meetings and enjoy field trips together, testing, and sharing information and prayer requests. We are always looking for new families to join and contribute. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” West Point Christian Co-op-West Point, Highland Falls “]
Website: https://www.homeschool-life.com/ny/wpcc/
Students experience being part of an academically oriented class in a classroom situation with a teacher other than their parent; they have a ready audience for their academic achievements; and practice group cooperation and appropriate competitive skills. [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Whitney Point LEAH Chapter-Whitney Point “]
Contact: Marcia Walker
Email: marciawalker79@yahoo.com
Home school support group that meets the second Thursday of the month in Whitney Point NY 13862 [/acc_item]
[acc_item title=” Woodstock Home Educators’ Network-Woodstock/Saugerties area “]
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/woodstockhomeschoolers
Contact: Michael Sklaroff
Email: msklaroff@ulster.net
Phone: (914) 247-0319


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